Suddenly Susan Swoons When She Meets Gerard Butler! Phantom Of The Opera Goodness!

Suddenly Susan had an amazing encounter with Gerard Butler. She met him recently at the same event I did but her’s was an extra special moment in time. A moment she will not soon forget.

Awesome Anushika assisted with some amazing photos!

Check out her recap of meeting The Ugly Truth star after the jump!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


It’s hot outside – as hot as Gerard Butler shirtless in a Spartan uniform. However high temperatures and humidity will not keep me away from the man I fell in love watching The Phantom of the Opera. I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since that movie was released and almost 8 since Mr. Butler became a household name.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times now and while I’m not as lucky as one of his fan club gals who always gets a peck on the lips, he always been super gracious with his fans. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get my unique POTO art poster signed when Gerry was scheduled to make a talk show appearance.

I was actually the first to arrive at around 1:30pm. I was shocked that only a few people, including contributing MTF writer Paul. A short time later, Scotty the Music Man and Awesome Anushika joined me. The line wasn’t bad at all – 10 people or so – and we had hoped/speculated it would stay that way due to the 22 Jump Street premiere happening the same night. We were wrong. People kept trickling in, a few at a time. Even Mike the Fanboy himself arrived!

Gerry arrived and gave a wave on the way in and the crowd of now 50+ could do nothing more than keep waiting. Finally, around 7:30pm (yes, I’d been waiting 6 hours, but was smart enough to bring a chair this time) the man we had been waiting for exited the building. He headed straight for the line. Game time!

sexy gerard butler signing autographs jimmy kimmel live   1

A few lucky audience members had perfect timing and were leaving the premises and walked right past Gerry. He took photos with them and continued on to us.

sexy gerard butler signing autographs jimmy kimmel live   1

I had a gold marker ready as the poster print was very dark. Gerry gets to me and says, “hi”. I tried to give him my marker as I asked if he would make it out to Susan. He sighed and said, “Can’t I just sign it?”. I said sure. After all, he as taking the time to do it, and I although I knew the black marker he brought himself would look terrible, I wasn’t going to be an ass about it.

Gerry goes to sign the bottom of the print and then says, “What is this?” I said, “it’s a Phantom of the Opera poster”. He leans back to get a good look at it and says, “that’s awesome”. Then he grabs the gold pen and asks, “ok, where do you want me to sign it?” I asked him to sign at the top, and while he did so, I said thank you and told him the movie means a lot to me. He then says, “ok, I’ll make it to Susan, how do you spell Susan?” I lit up with excitement, spelled my name (correctly I think) and saw that under the ‘to Susan’ he had started the letters B and E. I assume him was writing best or bets wishes, but to my delight, he added “Beautiful”. Wow, that’s awesome. I’m not sure if he meant me, the poster, my sentiment, or all 3, but who cares?!

sexy gerard butler signing autographs jimmy kimmel live   1

I couldn’t be happier with the poster, which is already in the print shop to get properly framed.

sexy gerard butler signing autographs jimmy kimmel live   1

sexy gerard butler signing autographs jimmy kimmel live   1

I will treasure this one for years to come. Thank you Gerard Butler!!!

sexy gerard butler signing autographs jimmy kimmel live   1

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