Meeting The Cast of Netflix’s GLOW! Q and A Goodness! Alison Brie! Betty Gilpin! Marc Maron! Autographs! And More!

Are you ready to rumble?

I have to tell you how much I love the new Netflix series GLOW! It’s one of the best ensembles on television!

I was recently invited to a q and a with the main three cast members from the series: Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, and Marc Maron.

Everyone seems to really love being a part of the series and they talked at length about their love of the ensemble.

“I just wanted to avoid traffic, that’s why I’m here.” Laughed Marc Maron. “I don’t see myself, I see him as a different guy. But I get choked up during episode one.”

“When I heard it was a women’s wrestling show in the 80’s I was like, ‘I’m in’ and then my agent said… ‘well they don’t really want you.’ So, I fought for the part.” Laughed Alison Brie. “The source material is fun and crazy and our show is amazing.”

“Marc only reads his scenes.” Laughed Alison Brie.

“I just liked saying… ‘RUTH! RUTH!’ “ added Marc Maron.

The cast had great chemistry and were have a blast with each other.

“The more there was a challenge, the more I became Ruth.” Laughed Alison.

“I had known the producers as playwrights first and did a workshop and hadn’t gotten the part when they did the production, but then I was cast in Nurse Jackie when they produced that. I heard that they were doing GLOW as a show and I was like, ‘protect yourself from the pain of not getting this part.’ but for the first time I saw someone I really wanted to play.” said Betty Gilpin.

After the panel the cast was super cool. Everyone stayed and hung out with the people in the audience.

Betty Gilpin was super nice.

GLOW q and a meeting Betty Gilpin fan photo

Alison Brie was hysterical.

GLOW q and a meeting Alison Brie fan photo

Marc Maron was just like he is in the show.

GLOW q and a meeting Marc Maron fan photo

We even got group pics as well!

GLOW q and a meeting Marc Maron fan photo

It was a fun evening and if you haven’t checked out GLOW, it’s on Netflix and is awesome!

Until next time kids…

GLOW signed autograph poster allison brie marc maron Betty Gilpin GLOW signed autograph poster allison brie marc maron Betty Gilpin

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