God Of Carnage Final Night In Los Angeles! Marcia Gay Hardin! James Gandolfini! Hope Davis! Jeff Daniels!

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Okay, this is such a random night… Tonight is the final performance of God of Carnage at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, and Pinky got a tip that 1980’s icon Ms. Julie Brown was going to attend… Ah Twitter… Anyway, this is the Just Say Julie, Julie Brown not the Wubba Wubba Wubba Julie Brown… I digress; I really wanted to head downtown for Jeff Daniels and James Gandolfini. Plus, I love Hope Davis and Marcia Gay Hardin, so… For the love of our random 1980’s icons off we go!

5:54 p.m. – Pinky and I just arrived with Sammy in tow. Sammy being her cute as Marky Mark puppy, named after Sam Trammell from True Blood… Yep, I tease her about it all the time! As I rightfully should…

5:59 p.m. – A bunch of people are going in, and Pinky has spotted a couple random people already. I swear she is like eagle eye…. She says something like, “Did you see that guy, and he was in episode 17 of Blossom as a milk man!” I’m like… yeah, don’t need him…

6:03 p.m. – Pinky from of course Pretty In Pinky just spotted Thandie Newton from Rock N Rolla. And Ms. Thandie Newton was not happy about it! Lol…

6:11 p.m. – Christopher Lloyd just arrived and I’m freaking out… Clue the Movie! And I don’t have anything with me! Dieing… He just said no to another collector. Wow, not a nice man…

6:22 p.m. – I just ran into my friends Dean and John who are going to play. Oh my God, I haven’t seen them forever!

6:24 p.m. – Time is running short and no Julie Brown… sadness…

6:39 p.m. – The play has started and the doors are closing… no Julie Brown, oh well… So, Pinky and I have decided to wait and see if we might have missed her. Plus, I want the cast so we need to hang out for a little bit.

6:58 p.m. – So, Pinky and I are hanging out and playing with Sammy… god of carnage signed autograph pinky sammy the dog adorable puppy rare cute puppy silly puppy pomeranian puppyHe loves to bite my hand, lol… At least he’s not trying to hump my leg like my sisters dog. Lol…
Pinky's dog sammy rhodes taking a nap waiting for the cast of god of carnage james gandolfini rare hope davis promo hot puppy
7:22 p.m. – I think I tired Sammy out and now he’s sleeping on the table, looking adorable. Lol… He’s like a chick magnet! I’m telling ya!
god of carnage signed autograph pinky sammy the dog adorable puppy rare cute puppy silly puppy pomeranian puppy
7:58 p.m. – So, the play is ending and the hunt for Julie Brown is on… People are coming out…

8:04 p.m. – I see my friends, who are leaving the play.

8:15 p.m. – Nothing, no Julie Brown… Dammit! And damn Twitter! Yep, I said it, damn Twitter!

8:24 p.m. – We are at the stage door, and are waiting… Maybe Julie Brown will come out this way? Okay, we are hoping…Christopher Lloyd is leaving and igrnores everyone. Pinky asks for a photo and he doesn’t acknowledge her presence.

8:29 p.m. – Oh crap, there’s Patrick Fugit! He was the lead in Almost Famous which is one of my favorite movies of all time! I love love love it! Patrick Fugit from almost famous taking a fan photo with mike the fanboy signed autograph signed autograph promo hot 2011Patrick Fugit is so nice! I got a quick photo with him and he was more than happy to oblige.

8:33 p.m. – There’s Hope Davis! She’s coming out and signing for everyone. hope davis signed autograph promo about schmidt rare daytrippers god of carnage promo ahmanson theatre los angeles may 2011 I got her on my God of Carnage program and on my About Schmidt mini poster that I’ve been working on since 2008. lol…
About Schmidt signed autograph promo mini poster hop davis jack nicholson rare alexander payne
8:35 p.m. – Hope Davis is super nice and very cordial!

8:41 p.m. – Oh crap, there’s Jeff Daniels! Jeff is the other reason I’m down here because I want him on my Pleasantville poster. jeff daniels signed autograph promo poster pleasantville the butcher's wife hot rare dumb and dumber promo mini poster rare I already have Reese Witherspoon on it from the How Do You Know premiere… Jeff Daniels is nice, but Pinky just asked for a photo and he said “No, but thanks for asking.” I told Jeff Daniels, that the Purple Rose Theatre was one of the first plays I have ever seen. HE stopped and looked at me and said, “Thanks for that, really.” I thought that was really nice.
jeff daniels signed autograph promo mini poster reese witherspoon promo hot sexy rare joan allen signed autograph paul walker
8:47 p.m. – There’s Marcia Gay Hardin. She is very nice and signs down the line. marcia gay hardin signed autograph god of carnage play amanson theatre whip it promo mini poster rare the mist She signed my Whip It mini poster and program and then asked me if I would like her daughter to sign my Whip It poster because she was in it as well. I was like sure! So, Pinky and I walked with Marcia Gay Hardin around the corner and to her car, where she had her daughter get out of the car and sign my poster. I was like… Wow, that was awesome!
marcia gay hardin signed autograph whip it promo mini poster drew barrymore ellen page zoe
8:49 p.m. – We’re back in line now… some people had left, but there’s still like 10 of us here… James Gandolfini is leaving… He comes out and starts to sign autographs and take photos with people… Wow, Tony Soprano in the flesh. james gandolfini signed autograph sopranos tony god of carnage the mexican rare promo hot fan friendly pinky's dog sammyThere are some undesirables lingering about but otherwise it’s a pretty mellow crowd. James Gandolfini gets to us now, and signs my Where The Wild Things Are mini poster and God of Carnage program and then I get a photo with him. Pinky has James sign her program and then James says, “what’s that!” james gandolfini from god of carnage signing autographs for fans after the final performance at the ahmanson theatre Pinky says, “Oh, it’s my dog Sammy.” James says, “Can I see it?” Then James Gandolfini holds Pinky’s dog and walks around with him. james gandolfini signed autograph sopranos tony god of carnage the mexican rare promo hot fan friendly pinky's dog sammyLol… Then James Gandolfini takes Sammy to meet his son and family. Lol… I turned to Pinky and say, “Tony Soprano just stole your dog.” Lol… Then James Gandolfini comes back and still won’t give the dog back! james gandolfini signed autograph sopranos tony god of carnage the mexican rare promo hot fan friendly pinky's dog sammyLol… He takes a photo of Pinky with the dog, and then continues to hold the dog LOL…
where the wild things are promo mini poster james gandolfini katherine keener promo max ryan rare promo hot
8:54 p.m. – James Gandolfini then gives Sammy back reluctantly, lol… I really think that he loved Pinky’s dog! Lol… Too funny!

Well, no Julie Brown but still a super fun night. I will get Julie Brown one day, “cause I’m a Blonde, yeah, yeah, yeah!”
god of carnage hand signed program ahmanson theatre rare hope davis james gandolfini jeff daniels marcia gay hardin rare autograph signature rare sexy hot promo

Okay, so I tweeted Julie Brown and she tweeted me back! So excited!
screenshot julie brown twitter mike the fanboy screenshot rare promo earth girls are easy but I'm a blonde

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