Throwback Thurs! Goldie Hawn Amazement! Meeting The Private Benjamin Star And One Of My Top People Ever! Swoon!

With Goldie Hawn’s return to the big screen after 15 years happening this weekend, I thought what a perfect Throwback Thurs!

I love me some Goldie Hawn! She’s amazing. I’m actually looking forward to seeing Snatched!

Check out this week’s throwback Thursday below!


Today is Feb. 9th and it’s a special day for me, so I figured I would share one of the most incredible days I’ve had in 2016. I’ve wanted to meet Goldie Hawn for… As long as I can remember. She’s been one of my favorites, and has movies and TV shows are incredible.

I mean, Private Benjamin, Wildcats, Overboard, Death Becomes Her, Laugh-In, Protocol, and so many more. She’s just incredible.

A friend of mine got a last minute call that Goldie Hawn was out and about and a friend of his spotted her randomly.

So, I had about 6 minutes to get my Goldie Hawn items, and get into the car. Just typing it, doesn’t give you the sense of madness I had.

After driving and making it to the venue, I was convinced that we missed Goldie Hawn, we walked in and didn’t see her. It felt like all hope was lost, however as we turned Goldie Hawn was walking out right behind us.

Holy crap! I lost the ability to move or speak.

Can I just tell you how nice Goldie Hawn was. She stopped and chatted with us for a few minutes, signed a couple things each and I was over the moon excited.

Then she said, “Well, I guess we have to do pictures now!” I was like… YES! YES! We do!


Goldie Hawn signing autographs 2016 overboard 9

Seriously, one of the best encounters ever.

Until next time kids…

Goldie Hawn signed autograph private benjamin poster

Goldie Hawn signed autograph private benjamin poster

Goldie Hawn kurt russell signed overboard autograph poster

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