Goran Visnjic Awesomeness! Suddenly Susan Meets The Red Widow And E/R Star! Signing Autographs! Photos!

Suddenly Susan is in the housssssssssse!

I promise to never do that again… Really… I promise. Susan was out the other week for E/R star Goran Visnjic. Now, Goran Visnjic was supposed to be taping a talk show and then cancelled. This is when Patrick Dempsey and Elizabeth Moss took Goran Visnjic’s place.

Susan didn’t end up coming out and so when Goran Visnjic rescheduled she was super excited.

Check out Suddenly Susan’s full report after the jump!



As I commented on a write up last week, I was so bummed that Goran V-lots of consonants…of E.R. fame cancelled his appearance on a talk show. As luck would have it, they re-scheduled him and I headed out of Thursday to catch him.

I was having one of those days where nothing was panning out as planned. I did manage to leave work a little early, which should have given me plenty of time to secure at spot in the alley way. As Mike has stated time and again, I too HATE traffic, especially when there’s just no reason for it. No construction, no accidents, just traffic for traffic’s sake. Ugh!

It took me 35 minutes to go 4.7 miles. That’s mental. I have a friend who runs a 7 minute mile. She would have gotten there faster on foot with 10 minutes to spare. So, today was keeping in time with its original sucky pattern. The parking was packed and I finally found a spot way down below, which adds even more time to get up the street. When I finally did, there was red carpet event taking place that I was totally unaware of and the street was blocked off at different sections. Of course, I chose the wrong corner to try and cross – no access. Ugh! Back the other way. I finally hit the waiting area after wandering aimlessly for almost 15 minutes. Door to door usually takes me 15-20 minutes. This time took 45 minutes.

The crowd was not bad at all and I saw some familiar faces. Luckily, Goran had not gone inside yet. I needed him to come over on the way in, as I had to leave in time for another engagement and would not be able to stay for exits. I couldn’t imagine after that hassle if I had to just turn around and leave. However, the tide had tuned, as less than 10 minutes later Goran arrived. There were only 4 or 5 people actually there with items for him, as most were waiting for Kaley Cuoco from the Big Bang Theory.

One of the people waiting let me have his spot on the barricade, as he went to get coffee and didn’t have anything for Goran. Here’s your public shout out – thank you!! We call him over for Goran and he turns and asks his people if he has time to sign. He heads right over – yay!!! He goes to the corner first and signs and then gets me next. I told him I just watched “K-11” and small independent movie that no one has heard of and he excitedly asked “what did you think?” I told him I liked it, even though it was a bit disturbing. He said, “yes, it is a bit disturbing”.

Goran Visnjic signed autograph photo rare hot sexy e/r star rare promo rare the deep end rare movie poster promo

He signs a few more and takes photos with anyone who asked. Billy Beer was kind enough to take mine. Once again, the object of my affection was over 6 feet tall and with me at 5’1, there’s no way a self-portrait would come out. Thanks Billy!!

Goran Visnjic fan photo signing autographs for fans rare promo hot sexy photo promo signed autograph photo rare hot sexy e/r star rare promo rare the deep end rare movie poster promo

And I am publicly apologizing for my last article where I said the entire MTF family was present when we were in fact missing you and Pinky. Are we besties again?

(Editor’s Note: Billy Beer is a tad sensitive! M-)

So, the tide turned just in time and I got a nice personalized autograph and a photo with Goran Visnjic. I love these lower key and calm meetings. No shoving, no fighting, no line CUTTING and people actually helping each other out. You can’t ask for much more.

Goran Visnjic signed autograph photo rare hot sexy e/r star rare promo rare the deep end rare movie poster promo

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