Grease Is Still The Word! The 40th Anniversary Q and A! Meeting John Travolta! Didi Conn! Barry Pearl! Disses From Olivia Newton-John! Doh!

Grease is the word!

Listen, I love Grease, I love Grease 2, they are just iconic and fun movies. The original of course is a classic and it’s celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary. Yikes!

Some members of the cast including John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Didi Conn, director Randall Kleiser and Barry Pearl were in attendance for a quick q and a.

I think half of Hollywood was on hand, it was a little batty.

Once inside, Lisa-Lisa, Suddenly Susan, Scotty and Russell were on hand and we had fun hanging out.

The q and a was good but too short and to be honest it didn’t shed any more light into the filming or the popularity of the film. At the reunion screenings I would love for them to really focus on some interesting questions and dive deeper into the movie.

But… What do you do?

After, they showed the movie. It was kind of cool to watch the movie with Olivia Newton-John. I can now say, “I watched Grease with Olivia-Newton John!”

At least that what Russell says.

I was fortunate, because I went to the lobby while the film started and John Travolta was leaving at that time.

He is a really nice guy and signed quite a bit. I got both of my Grease Funko Pops signed, which was a nice bonus.

Then we watched the movie.

During the end credits a team of security walked the cast out like they were protecting Jesus from the devil.

Olivia Newton-John didn’t sign a damn thing.

Didi Conn was very nice and signed my German Grease 2 poster and my Grease teaser poster.

Then after, Director Randall Kleiser came out with Barry Pearl to sign autographs and meet fans.

They both signed my teaser poster.

In the audience was Susan Buckner who played Patty Simcox. She was so nice!

And also in the audience was Bill Butler who was the cinematographer for Grease along with Jaws, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and More!

He signed my Grease poster as well.

It was a fun night, disappointed that Olivia Newton John ran out like she was about to burst into flames.

Oh… And someone I know had John Travolta sign a Wild Hogs poster, I’m just going to say it again… Grease event…. John Travolta… Wild Hogs poster. In case you were not clear… It’s WILD HOGS! I think there should be a moratorium on any film with “Hogs” in the title.

Just sayin’ 🙂

Until next time kids…

Grease signed autograph teaser poster John Travolta

John Travolta Signed Autograph Grease Funko Pop

John Travolta Signed Autograph Grease Funko Pop

Grease 2 signed autograph poster german didi conn maxwell caulfield

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