Fangirl Tattoos! Suddenly Susan Gets Some Ink Done And It’s Star-Lord Himself! Chris Pratt! GOTG Goodness!

There’s one thing you can say about Fanboys and Fangirls… That’s we’re not afraid of commitment. And when I think of commitment, I think of Tattoo’s… Hey, they stick around right?

I have three myself, one a shamrock for my Dad (my sister and I both got the same tattoo), I have a tribal design I designed with the artist, and a wood cross with a dagger at the bottom.

Suddenly Susan saw Guardians of the Galaxy last year and flipped. She fell in love with the movie, the character and maybe Chris Pratt too. So, she wanted to add something to her growing collection of tattoos and has documented the process below.

Check it out below!

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Hello fanboys and girls! A few of you were very interested in my Starlord tattoo, so I’ve compiled a little photo progression to share.

I loved the movie and the character so much I knew I wanted to add Starlord to my growing collection of tatts. After searching for quite some time, I found a piece of fan art that was perfect.

star lord tattoo guardians of the galaxy

That served as the inspiration (we tweaked a few things). The tattoo itself took four sessions, each five hours long, to complete! I love the details in the first session, but once you add color a lot of the detail is lost.

star lord tattoo guardians of the galaxy

Starlord is such a colorful character though, how can you not him in color?

Star Lord Tattoo Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

About a month ago, I had the luck/privilege to show Starlord himself, Chris Pratt my tattoo after the 2nd session was complete. (I went in for the 3rd the very next day). He absolutely flipped! He said it was “freakin’ awesome” and “pretty badass”.

Star Lord Tattoo Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

I wonder what he would think of the final version? The hair and the mask seem almost the same shade right now, but that will change. The hair will lighten to a blonder color in a few weeks.

Star Lord Tattoo Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

The artist is Jeff Diaz and he works out of Madison Tattoo in North Hollywood. He’s a great artist and a super nice guy. I absolutely love it and hope you do too!

Star Lord Tattoo Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

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