Guess The Autograph! Who Is This Action Star Who Carries A Long Sword?

Okay, so I was talking to Ace and we were discussing handwriting, autographs and such, and we thought of a fun new column. Or it was Ace’s idea… Well, if you hate it, it was totally Ace’s idea. If you like it… It was mine.

Anyway, there are so many variations of autographs and honestly half the time now, who knows what they actually say? It’s rare when you have an old school star that you can actually read their autograph.

So, for this column, it’s going to be guess the autograph!

Leave your guess in the comment section!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


What’s up Fanboys and Fangirls from all over!
As Mike has told you, we are trying something new…
I will show an autograph and you have to guess the person who signs like that.
autograph signing nice celebrities best signers1 

If you have an idea, please comment down below who you think it is…
If you are stuck, this little riddle might help you out!
I had a long sword that sliced some sons before heading to the grindhouse, who am I?
Think you have it now?

Comment away!
If you like this new column, please comment down below!
If it was too easy, let us know! We will make you regret it! Ha!
If you have an idea and want to let us know, Email us or add me on Facebook!
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