Guess The Autograph! Who Is This Coco Puff Friend From The Year 3000?

So, we did a little test on this once and it was so popular, I think we’re going to do it more frequently. I’m talking about Guess the Graph!

We will show you an autograph and you have to guess who it is. It’s fun!

Ace has put together a really fun one!

Check it out below!
Mike The Fanboy Signature logo

What’s up Fanboys and Fangirls from all over!
As Mike has told you, we are trying something new…
I will show an autograph and you have to guess the person who signs like that.
signed autograph guess the autograph1

If you have an idea, please comment down below who you think it is…
If you are stuck, this little riddle might help you out!

I am a friend of a red coco puff from the year 3000, who am I?

Think you have it now?

Comment away!
If it was too easy, let us know! We will make you regret it! Ha!
If you have an idea and want to let us know, Email us or add me on Facebook!
Email: truettmer at

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