TV Heartbeat! Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain debuts! More The Bridge and Masters of Sex! How to Get Away with Murder!

The Peabody Award-winning The Bridge is back for a second season! Prepare for something a bit darker as the focus changes a bit. Read our interview with star Diane Kruger for more teases on what’s in store!


If you didn’t get enough walkers in last week’s The Walking Dead marathon and the Talking Dead’s sneak peak at season 5, walkers will still be roaming with Inside the Walking Dead – Walker University. They’ll go behind the scenes to showcase the birds and the bees for making zombies. (Hint: it takes more than a walker bite!)

Walking Dead season 4 (5)

If zombies aren’t your thing, tune into some scary vampires in Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain (these vampires won’t sparkle in daylight). Based on his novels, the show takes place in NYC where the CDC is investigating a strange, viral outbreak. The cast includes Corey Stoll (House of Cards, Ant-Man), David Bradley (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter), Sean Astin (like I need to tell you who he is!), Mia Maestro (Alias, Twilight) and Kevin Durand (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Real Steal).


Lucky us, we had a chat with Guillermo (Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim, Hellboy) and executive producer Carlton Cuse (Lost, Bates Motel) about The Strain so keep an eye out for that!


A bunch of shows are back for a second helping including Showtime’s Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex and Netflix’s Hemlock Grove. Zombies, vampires and witches are not just for October anymore!


Other shows are wrapping up this week including 24: Live Another Day, Devious Maids and the recently renewed Night Shift. While we haven’t heard any news on another season of 24, the show is getting a panel at Comic con in 2 weeks so that’s a sign that Jack Bauer is probably going to have yet another bad day again!


Tonight: Extant debut (CBS), The Bridge premiere (FX), I Heart Radio Ultimate Pool Party (The CW)
Thursday: Welcome to Sweden debut (NBC), Working the Engles debut (NBC)
Friday: Hemlock Grove premiere (Netflix), Almighty Johnsons debut (Syfy)
Sunday: Ray Donovan premiere (Showtime), Masters of Sex premiere (Showtime), The Strain debut (FX), Devious Maids season finale (Lifetime)
Monday: Backpackers (CW), Seed (CW), 24: Live Another Day finale (Fox)
Tuesday: Inside The Walking Dead: Walker University (AMC), Night Shift season finale (NBC), Matador debut (El Rey)
Wednesday: Espy Awards (ESPN)

Health check

Famous in 12 couldn’t make much headway in 5. The CW reality show where a fame-hungry family goes to LA to try to become famous in 12 weeks fizzled with a cancellation after 5 episodes. Whoever you are, we hardly knew you! Drat! (Did my sarcasm show in that last sentence?)

Big tease

Lots of fall TV shows started up production this week so we are on our way to seeing some new stuff in the fall! Until then, we’ll spotlight a few trailers so you can sample the shows and figure out where your DVR will get some exercise!

Executive producer Shonda Rhimes will own ABC’s Thursday nights in the fall. She already has Grey Anatomy and Scandal, two of the network’s top shows, so ABC was quick to snatch up her latest show. How to Get Away with Murder stars Oscar-nominee Viola Davis as a tough criminal law professor.

ABC has another crime drama on its hands, but of a very different nature. American Crime looks at the consequences of a young boy’s death and the ensuing investigation. The focus will be on the boy’s family and the family of the accused. Starring Oscar winner Timothy Hutton and Oscar nominee Felicity Huffman, this is not going to be a light and fluffy show.


Stay tuned!

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