Manic Monday! It’s Sunday, Monday, Happy Days! As Pinky Meets The Cast! Marion Ross! Henry Winkler! Ron Howard! And More!

Who didn’t love Happy Days? The series was a cultural institution for so many years and launched the careers of so many actors and one notable director as well.

Pinky loves the series and over the years has pretty much been able to meet the cast. How cool is that right?

One person she was dying to meet was Marion Ross and this weekend the Pinkster had her chance!

Check out this weeks Manic Monday below!

Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here thrilled to have finally been able to meet the one and only, “Mrs. C,” from my beloved Happy Days. I’ve wanted to meet her as long as I can remember, so when I saw that she’d been added to the most recent Hollywood Show, I’m pretty sure I screamed out loud. I was so excited!

happy days logo cast photo press promo still marion ross tom bosley henry winkler donny most ron howard

As soon as we arrived at the show, I had to go to her booth immediately. And, as expected, she was as lovely as can be. The funniest part about our meeting was that she took one look at my hair and said, “Don’t worry, dear. It’ll wash out.” Love it! We were able to get a picture with her together and then I had to get one on my own. I think you can tell by the excited look on my face how thrilled I was.

Marion Ross fan photo signing autographs 4

Marion Ross fan photo signing autographs 5

As Tom Bosley (aka Mr. C.) has, unfortunately, passed away, the only cast member left for me to meet is Erin Moran….hopefully someday I’ll be able to meet her, as well. For now, it’s happy days indeed (see what I did there?)!

Happy Days

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