Happy Mother’s Day From Universal Pictures And Endless Love! Be Good To Your Mom’s Today Kids!

I know every Mother’s Day I talk about how awesome my Mom is. And it’s true… She’s crazy, just like everyone else in my family but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s face it, both of her kids are grown up and we still want to hang out with each other. That alone says something about a family.

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So, on behalf of all the kids out there.. Happy Mother’s Day! To the Moms, the adopted moms, the moms who just connect and help out someone, you’re all Moms to us! Don’t think that those deeds go unnoticed or unrewarded. Every time you take time to help out someone or invite someone over for dinner who has no place to go, you’re being a mom. It’s special.

So thanks! You are appreciated!

rose galecki rip a

And it seems like this year, I know a lot of new moms!


annette and baby





Love you guys! It’s your pre or first mother’s day!

Check out the Mother’s Day cards from Endless Love below coming out on blu-ray combo pack May 27th!

Endless Love Mothers Day

Endless Love Prom

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