Have A Happy Mike The Fanboy New Year As We Look Back At Our Blunders! Our Best Encounters and What We Look Forward To In 2012!

My God, I just can’t believe it’s 2012! Man, the ball drops and another year goes by. So from all of here at Mike The Fanboy have a wonderful 2012! No, wait… Have a kick ass 2012!

And since it’s a new year, we all thought it would be fun to look back and what our favorite memories were over the course of the past year. And when we’re talking about Fanboying we have to look back at what our highlights were, bloopers we may have done or said… and all the fun randomness!

Plus, we need to look ahead to the new year and what we’re looking forward to in 2012. So, with The Lovely Erica’s help we polled the Fanboy family and this is what we came up with!

Check it out after the jump!



I think my biggest blunder was telling Christian Bale that my promo Fighter boxing gloves were original. I kept saying, “these are the original!” And really… They were the original promo! It’s not like in the film Christian Bale is going to have a pair of gloves that say The Fighter in front!” Doh!

Christian Bale signing autographs for fans before a screening of the fighter at the arclight theatre


Calling Daniel Craig “Jake” (his character name in Cowboys and Aliens)….one on one too boot, Yes, I loved Cowboys and Aliens….and yes, I’m probably alone on that one!

daniel craig stops his car to sign autographs for fans on the set of girl with the dragon tatoo

(Editor’s Note: I have to add the time when CB yelled at Blythe Danner at the What’s Your Number premiere! She was signing, for everyone and was about to sign CB’s WYN poster until CB yelled at her. NO!, and Blythe was shaken and said, “Oh! I’m sorry!” Then CB says, “are you in the movie?” Blythe says, “Well, yes!” Then CB says, “Oh okay.” Scotty then chastised CB by saying, “Don’t yell at Ms. Danner!” I loved every second of that tragedy! M-)


I don’t necessarily freak out when I meet someone, but sometimes I am caught off guard when they do something unexpected. Take for example, Brad Pitt at the Kung Fu Panda 2 premiere. He and Angelina Jolie were signing for hundreds and hundreds of folks and moving quite quickly. I was worried about getting covered by the professional graphers (they love to pop up behind me and cover me) so my focus was split between them and Brad and Angie.

I get Angie and then wait a few seconds for Brad who is trailing behind her. When he is in front of me, he suddenly stops signing, smiles, looks me straight in the eye and says “Hi!”

I was so stunned that he took a moment in all the chaos that my oh-so articulate reply was: “Duh…..Hi!…Thank you!”

Yep, not my most intelligent moment, but I was totally caught off guard! What would you do if Brad Pitt suddenly looked you in the eye, smiled and started talking to you?!?

brad pitt sexy hot rare signing autographs for fans at a movie premiere with angelina jolie


Even though Pinky didn’t answer this part of her questionnaire, I’m making an editorial decision and mentioning the encounter with Annie Potts. Pinky told Annie she knows Pretty in Pink by heart, but she’s not going to “quote you back to yourself because that would be ridiculous!” Then Pinky starts to quote all of Annie Potts lines from Pretty In Pink, which she just said would be ridiculous…

I have thus labeled this “Pulling a Pinky!”

annie potts from Designing Women and Pretty in pink signing autographs for fans after a play


Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer – We were waiting at the set of True Blood and thought we had missed Anna and Stephen for the night. On the way back to the car, they were walking up the street toward our little group. We completely “geeked” out on them. Both Stephen and Anna could not have been any nicer!

annie potts and stephen moyer on the set of true blood stop to sign autographs for fans on location


It would definitely be the night I met Alexander Skarsgard on set for the first time. I just froze in place at first and after getting some much needed physical support from the Lovely Erica, I barely managed to walk up to him and mutter anything comprehensible. I think I forgot English all together. I was not only meeting Alexander Skarsgard, but Eric Northman himself! O_O I just couldn’t stop shaking, but our freak-out totally entertained Alex. He is adorable! =)

alexander skarsgard signs autographs for fans on location filming true blood rare promo hot sexy



I finally… FINALLY got Michelle Pfeiffer after 19 years of waiting! And now I can forgive her for the time she called me a zombie! (true story!)

batman returns catwoman rare promo mini poster signed autograph rare hot sexy michelle pfeiffer

Johnny Depp. No questions about it, Johnny Depp.

johnny depp signing autographs for fans at the rum diary world movie premiere hot sexy benny and joon


Colin Firth! Helena Bonham Carter!

I loved the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice so I’ve been a fan of Colin Firth’s forever. He was kind and patient with the bunch of us. His handler was trying to rush him along, but he stopped for pictures and such. Classy man.

helena bonham carter stops to sign autographs for fans at a harry potter q and a rare promo

Helena Bonham Carter is just such an interesting actress. I loved her in A Room with a View and Howard’s End and then she starts to play some very different characters. Who’d have thought the same actress would play Lucy Honeychurch, Mrs. Lovett and Bellatrix LeStrange?

Too much Beethoven, indeed!

I’ve wanted to meet Olivia Newton-John since she was Sandra Dee on Grease and this year I finally got my chance! There were so many things I wanted to tell her, but all I managed to say was, “May I get a picture with you?” She was kind enough to pose with me and my friend.

mike the fanboy's pretty in pink with grease star olivia newton john from xanadu rare promo hot australian


STEVIE NICKS – I met the GYPSY herself and got to see her sing live twice this year!

stevie nicks signing autographs at the amoeba music cd signing in hollywood rare promo


Robin Williams! ^_^ I totally LOVE this funny man. I’ve wanted to meet him since I was like 6 years old. I absolutely enjoyed Mrs. Doubtfire and I’ve been enjoying all his movies ever since. It was so great meeting him finally at the Happy Feet –II premiere.  

robin williams signing autographs for fans at the happy feet 2 world movie premiere dead poets society rare promo


Mark Hamill. Thirty-five years in the making.
Mark-Hamill at the comikaze expo is 2011 rare promo signed autograph star wars star luke skywalker



I’m stoked for Underworld: Awakening, Prometheus, Dark Shadows, and the new ABC series Good Christian Belles!

This little small budget movie called Dark Knight Rising…stars some new guy, Christian Bale. Also that movie with the group of people dressed in Halloween costumes calling themselves The Avengers.

Avengers (duh!!!) – Joss Whedon directing Marvel!?!! Enough said!

The Hobbit – yep, this has been years in the making and I can’t wait!

Dark Knight Rises – I still think Batman Begins is the best comic book movie so I can’t wait to see how they end this.

Underworld: Awakening – I really enjoy this series so let’s see how the story fares when Len Wiseman isn’t directing.

Hunger Games – Calling this the “new Twilight” is such an insult. These books are far better written and more interesting. I’m not completely sold on the trailer, but I am definitely interested in seeing the film.

Game of Thrones, True Blood, the other half of Walking Dead also resume next year…

I’m not aware of all the new movies that are coming out next year, but I know I’m stoked for one movie for sure, The Hobbit! ^_^ I read the entire series and a HUGE Fan of Lord of The Rings. I Love Peter Jackson’s work, so I’m really EXCITED! I just can’t wait to see it.

vSpider-Man reboot. Spidey rules.


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