Heading To Comic Con This Year? Tomorrow Is The Hotel Sale! Hotelpocalypse 2016!

For those of you planning on heading out to SDCC this year, tomorrow is the dreaded hotel lottery.

Now, unlike years past, this year will be a lottery just like when you purchase tickets.

Getting a hotel at SDCC is getting just as hard or harder than getting a ticket!

Hotelpocalypse it is!

Our awesome view from the Hotel.  #PocketJaime is enjoying it :)

Our awesome view from the Hotel. #PocketJaime is enjoying it 🙂

So, while speed will not be the ultimate factor like in years past, it will still matter. A least a little bit.

The form will be similar to previous years and you can pick your top hotel choices in advance.

There’s a handy guide here provided by CCI

I would read it and check it out for sure.

cowboys and aliens world premiere san diego comic con 2011 giant sign on the side of the hilton hotel

Make sure you have the name of everyone staying in your room and how many people. Plus, get a list of your top six hotels.

If you want to stay downtown check the box that says, book me into any Downton hotel if none of my choices are unavailable.

Good like everyone, may the odds forever be in your favor!

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