Help, we spend too much time together! Seven signs that indicate you got to do something

Finding a person you want to spend every free minute with is a complicated task, you must agree. Someone could even compare the whole process to searching for the Holy Grail. If you are lucky enough to finally have this special one by your side – give your best not to lose her. However, often people take this tip too literally and overdo it. Obviously, too much isn’t good either. Below you can see the list of seven signs that tell you indeed spend too much time with your girlfriend.

●    You two turned out to be complete couch potatoes.

Your buddies offer to watch the game and drink one or two after-work beers on Friday evening. But you already miss your comfortable couch. A single glance between you and your woman is enough to decline this suggestion. Who the hell needs to go anywhere when it feels so nice being home? So couch, chips, and Netflix marathon are waiting for you instead – and nothing can change that.

By the way, the phrase “Netflix and chill” accurately means what it says for you. Since most of the time, you don’t have energy left for sex and fall asleep right in front of the TV, watching a show about a Ukrainian bride.

●    Absolutely no privacy.

Be honest and tell: can you remember the last time you were all alone in the bathroom in the morning? You want to use the toilet, and your lady comes a few minutes later to brush her teeth or take a shower, sound familiar? Yes, you hardly have more than ten minutes of privacy even when you absolutely need it. Oh, and she hasn’t even moved in with you yet!

●    You know every tiny detail about each other.

Can you say with the confidence that you, willy-nilly, know everything about your girlfriend’s life and vice versa? Well, it means you two spend so much time together that there is nothing you can eventually keep quiet about. Understand us right, we don’t suggest you have secrets from your partner. But isn’t it nice to have certain things just for yourself?

●    The both of you have gained a few pounds.

Weight problems, dear friend? Apparently, it is all because you are not moving enough. Like it was mentioned in the first point – the couch is now the center of your social life. As another benefit of spending evenings at home, you can count food is always within reach.

Just so you know, the philosophy, “I am in a relationship now – it’s okay to be fat” – is totally wrong. So think about it.

●    You have strange nicknames for each other.

In fact, your nicknames are not only strange – they are embarrassing. You two should, therefore, not say them aloud in public. But no panic: fortunately, you don’t spend your free time with other people, so the chance that somebody will hear your pet name is pretty low.

●    The “we” word.

When your colleagues or relatives ask about the plans for the weekend or holidays, you don’t speak for yourself. Actually, the word “I” itself is strictly prohibited. You need to use “we” instead, and there is no exception.

●    Matching outfits is your style.

Yes, partner looks are your favorite outfits now. Most likely, you haven’t even noticed how your usual style has changed. At first, it was only on the weekend. But now you put it on every day!


Love is a wonderful feeling – it is really so. Although, the constant presence of your special one doesn’t do any good. If you have noticed that the mentioned above signs describe your couple – do something

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