Hit and Run Movie Premiere Report! With Veronica Mars… I Mean Kristen Bell! Bradley Cooper! Ryan Hanson! David Koechner! And Yes, Dax Shepard! Autographs! Photos and More!

God bless Billy Beer! You know if it wasn’t for a certain French Bulldog I would have check out the Hit and Run premiere myself. You see, I totally love Ms. Kristen Bell, but since she has been with Dax Shepard, let’s just say Ms. Kristen Bell has fallen a tad out of my good graces.

Perhaps I need to rewatch Veronica Mars again to refall in love.

Anyway, Billy Beer didn’t have an adorable French Bulldog to watch so he headed down to the premiere. Check out his full report after the jump!


Ughhhhh! My head is KILLING me! What happened last night? Where’s C.B.!!! He’s nowhere to be found! K-Mart is going to open in a few hours, and I need to get him there so he can get the new Batman Toys. Need to go back to the bar to see if I can find any clues. When I get there, I ask the bartender what happened. He told me that someone had ordered me a beer and after drinking it, I was acting delusional! I asked him what beer it was, and he pulls out a 6 pack of: BILLY BEER! Well of course! This beer is at least 30 years old!

a six pack of world famous billy beer found at a flea market n pasadena rose bowl

I check my pockets for any more clues. I find a ticket stub for the movie Hit and Run. Off to the Theater to find C.B., let the adventures begin!

Now I wasn’t planning on going to this event due to the fact it was scheduled the same day as the Expendable 2 Premiere. I found out last minute that the Premiere had been rescheduled, so after a quick stop, I got some pictures together and went on my way. It’s not the biggest and brightest cast, but it does have a few highlights that I’m hoping on getting. I’ve heard she’s been hard, but I’m a fan of Kristen Bell in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and being a BIG Alias fan, I was hoping to get Bradley Cooper too. Everyone else I figured I could just put on a cast piece.

I get there early, but nothing crazy. The only person there is C.B. We get a nice spot in the front

Now normally this is where I would enter a MONTAGE, but I’m happy to report that my enjoyment of tasty beverages finally paid off in my fanboying. I decided to go have a nice cold one on this hot day at the ESPN zone. When I got there the whole place was closed except the side bar. I go in there get my beverage, and start talking to the bartender. He tells me there’s an after party for something.

“Is it for that Movie Premiere Hit & Run?”

“yeah, I think that’s it”

SCORE! Found out where the after party was 🙂 MONTAGE! Time for the arrivals.

Hit and Run movie premiere red carpet with kristen bell dax shepard tom arnold and more

The first one to arrive is David Koechner. Not a “superstar”, but man has he been in a lot of things I really like. I can’t wait for Anchorman 2! He’s super nice and comes down the row signing and taking pictures.
billy beer from mike the fanboy posing with a fan photo at the hit and run world movie premiere

Next arrival, Oh Crap! It’s Dax and Kristen in a dune buggy.

kristen bell and dax shephard arriving to the world movie premiere of hit and run rare promo

A little early for the main stars but time to cross my fingers. I’ve heard when they are together, they usually don’t sign. I wore my Detroit Tigers jacket in hopes they’ll show some hometown love. (they are both from Michigan) They do some cheesy kiss, and then Dax is hugging everyone there. Not looking good, cause we’ve been now yelling for them for a while

Finally you see them making the turn towards the crowd. Are we being Punked? Nope, here they come! They start off to the right of us. Shoot! Dax is just standing there. We yell for him to come our way and he actually does. I get him on my poster. Kristen is starting to make her way over to us. I notice she’s taking pictures with a few people, so hopefully I can get one of those too. As she comes to me, I totally forget to mention the Michigan question, and just ask for a photo. I’m in a section with a lot of graphers, so it took a couple of seconds to get the pictures off my head, but it ended up turning out great.

kristen bell signed autograph press promo still veronica mars hot sexy actress rare promo

She signs my picture, and was off to C.B. I tried to get a second one done, but she had already made her way down. I’d rather get one and a picture then 2 autos.

mike the fanboy's billy beer with veronica mars star kristen bell posing for a fan photo and the hit and run movie premiere

Next arrival, Ryan Hansen. Didn’t really research this movie much, so I didn’t even know if he was in the movie. People are getting there cast photos signed so I follow.

veronica mars star ryan hansen signing autographs for fans at the hit and run movie premiere

Joy Bryant is quick to follow. Everyone keeps coming over, this is great! She signs my cast photo too. Next to me, they had some sexy pictures of Joy. She was like “Where did you get those OMG” It surprises me when Celebs say this. You took the pictures, did you take them for no one to see???? LOL

sexy joy bryant signing autographs for fans at the hit and run movie premiere

Now the time I’ve been waiting for, Mr. People’s Sexiest Man Alive, and Alias Star Bradley Cooper! (he was in some hungover movie thing too I think) Well, he follows suit and comes right over and signs.

sexy bradley cooper and dax shephard talking on the red carpet for the film hit and run

He goes down most of the line and signs 2 things for me. I ask him for a picture, and luckily told him I had my camera ready. He stops and gives the camera a smile, click, got it! Now we won’t say what the picture looks like. Let’s just say there might be a fanboy fail in the future. This premiere is going great!
bradley cooper signed autograph the hangover promo still ed helms hot sexy man alive 

Tom Arnold is the last cast member to show up. He too runs across the street and signs for his fans. I’m running out of room on this poster.
tom arnold signing autographs for fans on the red carpet for the film hit and run 

Arrivals have ended, and now C.B. and I on our way to find the cast of Bones. Doing a little double dipping. Well after 20-30 minutes of driving around for no reason, we finally give up and go back to the Premiere. When we get back we see a bunch of people still standing around. I guess Walmart had some big thing and had a lot of celebs attending. The word is we already missed Garth Brooks, and he signed a bunch.

Next out was Pauley Perrette. She has got to be one of the nicest celebs in the world. She signs and takes pictures with everyone. Some people even got 2 pictures with her (cough cough). Again, it just wasn’t my picture day.
billy beer posing for a fan photo with pauley perrette at the hit and run movie premiere

pauley perrette cast signed autograph index card rare hot sexy promo ncis star rare

Next person out was Miranda Cosgrove. She came over and signed, but she wouldn’t sign blanks. I didn’t expect to see her, so I had nothing for her. Oh Well. The last person left inside was Josh Groban. I didn’t really expect him to sign, but when he did finally come out, he signed a ton. I ended up getting 2. This was just an added bonus.

josh groban signed autograph signature at the walmart teachers event in downtown los angeles

josh groban signed autograph signature at the walmart teachers event in downtown los angeles

Now time for the after party. I usually will leave after arrivals if I get everyone I was looking for, but since I knew where it was, and also knew that Erika Christensen was there. I wanted to wait it out.
I ended up getting a nice place on the rail. Jason Bateman is the first to arrive. They’re dropping them off so they have to walk right past us to get in. Jason is nice enough to sign 1 each per person.

jason bateman signed autograph photo rare headshot the hogan family extract

Next up is Robert Loggia. What a nice guy! I told him I still watch Necessary Roughness every time it’s on TV. He got a good laugh, and thanked us.

robert loggia signed autograph index card photo signature big necessary roughness

Tom Arnold passed by next. I didn’t get a picture with him the first time, so I decided to go for one this time. I really didn’t have anything left for him to sign.

billy beer from Mike The Fanboy posing with Tom Arnold for a fan photo at the hit and run movie premiere

Someone we missed on the carpet was Michael Rosenbaum. I followed Smallville cause Tom Welling went to High School with me, so I thought this would be cool to meet him. He comes over too and signed my picture and poster I had for him. I asked for a picture and got one, but let’s just say add that one to the list.

Michael Rosenbaum signed autograph photo rare press promo still hot smallville still

Bradley comes over again, and I got my last item signed by him. He rushes in.

bradley cooper signed autograph press promo still hot sexy rare hangover stud alias

Still no Erika 🙁 Next up to bat was Tyler Clary. I wasn’t sure who he was until someone asked him about his Michael Phelps comments. OH YEAH! He’s the swimmer that said he works harder than Michael. Well he still won himself a gold medal. Someone asked where it was, and he’s like “in my pocket”. So he pulls it out for us and takes some pictures. COOL! I’ve never seen a gold medal before.

olympian star tyler clary posing with his gold medal at the movie premiere for hit and runtyler clary signed autograph index card olympian star tyler clary posing with his gold medal at the movie premiere for hit and run 

Joy comes over again too, but there’s my girl! ERIKA! Can you sign! We don’t get much of a response, so C.B. adds the fact I’m one of her biggest fans! She smiles and comes over. All I really wanted was another picture, she looked great! C.B. was nice enough to take it for me since I had been having problems doing it myself today, and then she signs for me. I think I kinda Mike the fanboy geeked out on her.

(Editor’s Note: What does that mean, Mike the Fanboy geeked out? Ahem… Are you talking about my Mary Louise Parker geek out… If so… I totally understand! LOL… M-)

But I got a great picture. Notice I’m about 10 shades redder in that picture compared to the other ones!
billy beer posing for a fan photo with erika christianson from parenthood at the hit and run movie premierebilly beer posing for a fan photo with erika christianson from parenthood at the hit and run movie premiere

The night is done! I guess Dax and Kristen snuck in the side. What a great night. I didn’t really have any expectations, and ended up with a great night of pictures and graphing. Well, gotta go, it’s Happy Hour somewhere!

hit and run cast signed autograph movie poster promo kristen bell dax shephard rare promo movie poster one sheet

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