James Holiday Christmas Card Auction For Charity! With The Walking Dead Cast! Michael Fassbender! Daniel Radcliffe!

James is working on a project that every year I keep saying I’m going to do. I keep saying, “Once November hits, I’m going to do a charity auction!” and then… I inevitably forget or get caught up and its too late!


You can take a look at all the awesome stuff James has up! He is doing a Christmas card auction, where he’s had celebrities sign Christmas cards!

So cute!

Check out all the info below!!!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


This year I am pleased to have been able to help support my friend Robin’s charity fundraising, who to date has raised £38270 for a number of worthwhile causes. This year he’s holding an auction of celebrity signed Christmas Cards, and over the past 6 months I’ve joined forces with a couple other autograph collectors to add items to this auction. A number of the cards I’ve got signed are online now for bidding, includingDaniel Radcliffe, Michael Fassbender, The Wanted, Gary Numan and many more – over 70 celebrities have signed cards for me.

daniel radcliffe signed autograph christmas card

Daniel Radcliffe

the walking dead cast signed autograph christmas card

The Walking Dead

Michael Fassbender signed autograph christmas card

Michael Fassbender

Adam Ant signed autograph christmas card

Adam Ant

The money raised from these cards is going directly to three charities; Great Ormond Street Hospital, Children With Cancer UK and Maggie’s Centres. The cards can be found here:

Please have a look and get bidding; there’s not long left on these cards, and more will be added over the weekend. For more details of the auctions and where the money goes, click here:

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