Holy Crap! More super hot Sucker Punch Retro style movie posters! Damn!

Jena Malone Sucker Punch individual mini promo retro movie poster one sheet Rocket sexy hot

Oh dear Lord help me! What is up with Sucker Punch and the land of a thousand cool posters?!?!? I mean seriously, are they going to release cool as hell images every week? These new retro style posters are kick ass rocking. I mean seriously, it’s killing me. I love the one sheet, and the other individual posters, but these are even better! Hot damn!

Sucker Punch better be good, cause let me tell you, a movie can not release such cool posters and promo material and then suck ass. That’s all I’m saying. Now, Sucker Punch has a reputation to live up to, and it better so there will be serious explaining to do! Hello!

Check out the rest of the Sucker Punch clan after the jump!

Emily Browning babydoll sucker punch rare retro style individual promo mini poster hot sexy zac snyder promo
Vanessa Hudgens sucker punch blondie rare retro style mini promo one sheet movie poster hot sexy
Jamie Chung Sucker Punch rare retro style promo one sheet movie poster rare individual zac snyder amber
Abbie Cornish sucker punch rare individual one sheet retro style movie poster zac snyder rare sweet pea

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