Homeland: Aftermath! Catch Up On What Happened Since The Events Of Season 2! Homeland Premiere’s Tonight On Showtime!

Homeland logo season 3 premiere rare

Homeland season 3 premiere’s tonight on Showtime and if you need to do a quick refresher… Showtime has you covered!

Homeland logo season 3 premiere rare

If you all remember in season 2 of Homeland there was a slight explosion when a bomb in Body’s Car. Season 3 is going to pick up a couple months after the bombing and Saul is in charge of the CIA. Carrie is of course struggling with what happened and Brodie is on the most watched list.

Homeland logo season 3 premiere rare

To catch everyone up, Showtime has put together this amazing website called Homeland Aftermath: The 12/12 Bombing. It details what happened in the time since the bombing, the aftermath of the disaster, and a detailed timeline.

It’s pretty incredible. Check out the video below!

Make sure to catch up on all of the action before the premiere tonight!

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