How Entertainment Has Changed Over The Years

The world of entertainment has definitely evolved alongside society and there have been many changes over the decades, which we outline in this short article. Pre-Internet times saw people using their imagination to come up with ways to be entertained and with that in mind, here are a few ways that entertainment has changed over the years.

  • Theatre & cinema – While people still book theatre seats, the numbers have dropped significantly, as more people look to web content rather than plays or movies. Of course, there are some die-hard theatre fans who will always watch new shows when they come to a nearby theatre, while movie fans will go to the trouble of watching content at a local cinema.

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  • Adult entertainment – People are a lot more open these days; take sex toys as an example, many couples are willing to explore their sexuality and there are online suppliers of adult toys. Porn Hub is very popular, plus there are webcam sites where viewers can interact with the models in real time.
  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have made a huge difference to how people spend their downtime; imagine being able to see images and video of what your friends are up to! Social media platforms have evolved over time; today you can livestream and have real-time video calls with your friends.
  • From radio to podcasts – In the 1950s, radio was huge, with many people tuning into their favourite shows and while there are still a few radio fans, the majority of people only listen to music radio stations when driving. Podcasts, on the other hand, are extremely popular, with Joe Rogan being the number one podcaster, who has millions of followers.
  • Live sports – Before the Internet, it wasn’t possible to watch live sports unless it was broadcast on TV, not so today, as most major live sports events can be watched on the Internet. Sports such as MMA, boxing, motor racing and football matches can be watched via pay per view, which millions of fans use to watch live sports.

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  • Reality shows – These began to emerge around the year 2000 and people found this type of viewing very watchable. We think it is the unpredictability that people are attracted to, plus it seems that people like to watch others in stressful situations, making reality TV addictive to many.
  • Computer gaming – The emergence of computers saw the rise of the gaming industry and when the Internet arrived, people were soon able to play against each other and today, multiple player online games attract millions of players.
  • Online casinos – The thrill of playing casino games can now be experienced from the comfort of your living room by registering with an online casino. Play roulette, blackjack or poker, or you could have a few spins on a jackpot slot. Who knows, you might get lucky and win a million dollars.

The world of entertainment is constantly evolving, thanks largely to emerging technology and there are so many ways a person can be entertained these days.


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