How to write a movie review! Tips To Look At Films Critically and Personally!


A movie review is supposed to be a well-balanced combination of a personal view about the film and a critical analysis of its content. As it’s a creative work and any movie is an artwork, you should use both analytical and creative approaches while writing your review. Typically, the word limit for a film review is about 1000 words. Although the text shouldn’t be too long, the preparatory stage may take a few days. That is why students shouldn’t postpone this task until the last minute.

The main objectives of a film review are to inform, convince, and entertain a reader by analyzing the content. Your first task is to give your readers information on the quality of the film as well as its content. Then you need to convince them that your assessment is correct. So you should use the power of persuasion to prove that the movie is worth watching or, on the contrary,  that a reader shouldn’t waste time on it. Also, provide a detailed analysis of the movie, so readers can pay attention to important elements and the best scenes. What’s more, your film review should be catchy. Add some interesting facts and funny stories about the actors as well as the shooting process to make your review more exciting.

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To produce an impressive movie review, you should first learn the essential writing steps. Read them below and create a persuasive paper!

  1. Make preparations

After you choose a movie, watch it two or even three times. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the film to get an overall impression when you watch it for the first time. Don’t focus too much on details. Instead of it, just go with the stream of the story.

While watching the movie for the second time, look closer at the acting, editing, sound, and other technical aspects. If the movie you’ve chosen touches on some events and issues, you should gather information about them by doing proper research.

In case two viewings are not enough for you to formulate a central claim, watch the whole film, or its key scenes one more time. It will help you better evaluate the combination of the thematic and technical content of the movie.

Moreover, you could watch the works created by the same director to get a better understanding of his or her individual style. Also, you could check out how actors portray other characters to compare their regular specialization with the role in your film.

If you take notes about astonishing scenes, extraordinary details, and key moments, they will serve you as a starting point for your movie review. In case you would like to add an epigraph for your essay, note some impressive phrases of the main characters.

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Just watching the film is not enough at this stage. Investigate its background to find interesting facts that can make your review more attractive to readers. They can be related to the process of shooting, the difficulties of the production, and any other curiosities. Besides, if the movie got prestigious awards, it can be an immaculate argument for cinephiles to watch it as soon as possible.

As you see, this stage is the most time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. But at the same time, it ensures the successful writing of your review.

  1. Express your opinion

Do not be shy to tell what you really think of the movie. Rely on your taste and be honest with your readers regarding how you feel about it. No matter whether you think the film is good or bad, express your opinion honestly. It’s important to explain to your readers why and how you came to your criticism. That is why you should back up your thoughts with specifics, like the quality of performance, the difficulty of a plot, or cinematography.

  1. Think about your audience

Consider for whom you are writing a review. Know more about your readers to decide what elements of the movie you should highlight. Emphasize those parts that are important to your readers. Also, adjust your writing style so it could fit your target audience.

  1. Avoid spoilers!

Be careful not to include any spoilers to your movie review. You should try to give the main idea of the plot and make your readers interested in watching the film. Don’t ruin the excitement that your audience will experience while watching plot twists.

  1. Read professional reviews

It’s a well-known fact that the more you read, the better you write. Read film reviews and think critically about what you like and don’t like about them. You can even use someone’s excellent publications as a template for your own movie reviews.

  1. Use your own voice

To create a strong review, express your personality through the writing. Developing your own style will grab the reader’s attention and make them read more of your works.

Writing a review can be a fun activity that helps others learn more about the movie. This way, you help people find what’s suitable for them and enjoy watching the film. The principles described above will help you to write a persuasive review that will excite your readers.


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Joshua Robinson is a writer and film critic. He enjoys creating movie reviews and giving lectures on cinematography. Joshua also works on step-by-step guides and checklists that help students write decent film reviews.





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