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The main point of a persuasive essay is to persuade or convince the audience of a particular stance in an argument. It is intended to make the reader believe  an idea and take some form of action or inaction.

This form of essay is not particularly difficult but if you want you can get essay writing help from professional essay writing services available on the internet.

In this form writing you use strong facts, research, reasonable data among others to prove your point and enhance your opinion. Persuasive essays require lots of research and a good understanding of the topic at hand. It’s not just about proving your case but also proving that the opposing side is incorrect.

A context is provided in which you take a stand, for or against it and you do so with various reasons and techniques. In this guide we will give comprehensive steps on how to write an A-grade persuasive essay.


Research your topic

The first thing you need to do is extensively research your given topic. It will be helpful to be knowledgeable on both sides of the argument. Gather as much information as possible as this will help you build a strong case. If you must, speak to experts and professionals with insightful knowledge and information, the aim is to gain full understanding of the topic and once this is done you are well on your way.


Take a stance

Now that you’ve gained much needed information on the topic, you need to pick a side. Choose a perspective that you are truly passionate about, this way you will have no problem expressing your views to the audience. Avoid vague language or obscurity, the reader should know where you stand right from the start. This will be your thesis.


Understand your audience

When writing a persuasive essay, understand that the purpose of your writing is to persuade a person or a party. Bit what is also important is knowing who you are persuading. With that in mind, think about who the writing is for, is it for an age group such as teenagers, young adults or the elderly, or maybe it’s for a certain class of people, businessmen perhaps or travellers or even people with physical disabilities.  Have this at the back of your mind when delivering your message.




Create a writing structure

Now that you have all the required prerequisites, it’s time to layout your points with good structure. Think about your gathered evidence and the order you will present it. A well structured essay usually comprises of the following:

  • Introduction

Your introduction must be attractive and strong enough to hog your audience’s attention. It should clearly state your stance on the topic at hand. It should include your thesis. You need a strong thesis to express your argument effectively. Your thesis will prepare the reader for your upcoming arguments. Do you feel like you can’t come up with a good enough introduction or thesis then you can go ahead to other parts of the essay then come back later or you can just  get essay writing help.


  • Body

This is where the main event occurs. Try to layout your points accordingly, in fact it is advised that each argument should  be in its own paragraph. Be sure to include references and credit your sources as well.

Each argument should have underlying evidence and facts to support it. Try to make sure each paragraph flows into the next with silky smoothness. Also include a paragraph or two to outline the opposing argument and refute it comprehensively.

In order to win over your audience endeavour to write with integrity, passion and empathy.


  • Conclusion

Once you have adequately established your position and done your possible best to convince your reader, now it’s time to close out with a nice conclusion. This is the easiest part, all you need to do is revisit your thesis and provide a summary of your already stated points. The aim here is to leave the reader with something to think about and also make sure that they are on your side.


Now that you have finished up on your essay, you need to make a thorough revision, make sure that the structure is perfect and that your arguments are well laid out. Check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, nothing is quite as bad as writing the perfect essay and being undermined by something as silly as spelling mistakes. Once all that is done the feeling of satisfaction and you may realise you never really needed any essay writing help, you did it by yourself. Be sure to keep practicing and you will get better.







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