How You Can Dress Like a Celebrity!

Celebrities are right in the public eye, so it makes sense that they’d be some of the most stylish people out there. This makes them a fantastic inspiration for when you want to update your look. If you want a taste of that A-List lifestyle, then fashion is a great way to get started. Here are some ways to help you to dress like a celebrity.

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1.   Find Inspiration Among Your Favorite Celebrities

If you want to base your look on a celebrity, or a selection of your favorite celebrity styles, then it pays to do some research. Huge events like the Oscars give celebrities a chance to dress up and show off their style and give us a chance to check out their looks.

While this year’s Oscars event was overshadowed by the controversy surrounding Will Smith and Chris Rock, it would be a huge shame to let some of the daring and interesting fashion choices made by some of Hollywood’s best-dressed men. On the red carpet, we were treated to sleek and classic looks, bold colors, and some standout suits. Some were even bolder than others, with Timothée Chamalet rocking the shirtless blazer combination. Maybe you couldn’t get away with it at your sister’s wedding, but you can’t deny that he pulled it off.

One thing to remember is that being inspired by a celebrity’s look is a different matter entirely to copying it. When you copy someone else’s style, you might look pretty good, but it isn’t you. Celebrities do have the assistance of stylists and other artists, but most of them wear outfits that suit them and that they like.

It’s important to wear clothes that you’re comfortable with. After all, confidence is an attractive trait and how you wear an outfit can have just as much effect as what you’re wearing, if not more.

So, don’t let celebrities craft your outfit. You should have a significant say in what you wear, but their styles can be helpful when it comes to building a wardrobe. After all, you want something that’s uniquely “you”.

2.   Get Well-Fitting Clothes

One style tip that celebrities make full use of is to wear clothes that fit perfectly. It seems like a really simple tip, but it’s surprisingly successful. After all, celebrities are sometimes seen wearing seemingly ordinary casual clothes, like a simple t-shirt and jeans. But they still manage to look really good in them. Yes, part of this is because many celebrities just look good in general, but even so.

This is because many people wear clothes that are either too tight or too baggy. Sometimes, deliberately tight or baggy clothes can look great, but well-fitted clothes just take it to the next level. These clothes are the most flattering. They aren’t tight enough to reveal all of your secrets, but neither are they so baggy that your figure is completely obscured.

3.   Accessories and Signature Pieces

Celebrities and other well-dressed people recognize that an outfit isn’t complete with just the clothes. If you’re the canvas, then the clothes are the background and large features. But your accessories are those pieces of detail that draw the eye.

When accessories are worn well, they should be a centerpiece without overshadowing everything else. They should be appropriate for the occasion. If you look back at Timothée, he paired his shirtless blazer look with some stunning jewelry. Without accessories, an outfit can look half-finished.

One great accessory that works with both formal and casual looks is the classic watch. No, not one of those dollar-store plastic things that kids wear. A watch is functional and can be just the finishing touch that your clothing needs.

If you can, find some good designer watches. The quality and look of the watch should reflect the price, of course, but the name is guarantee. Patek Philippe watches, for example, add a healthy helping of class to any outfit.

4.   Stand Out With Color

Another thing you’ll notice with celebrity outfits is that often they have a splash of color to help them stand out. This way, they can wear more classic styles, while still drawing the eye. For example, David Oyelowo wore a relatively classically cut tuxedo to the oscars, but it was covered with a stunning yellow floral-print pattern, topped off by bee-embroidered shoes.

You don’t have to brighten up your entire ensemble, but a pop of color can act in the same way as an accessory, drawing the eye where you want it to go. If you don’t feel comfortable in a lot of bright colors, then one pattern of splash of color is a great way to get the same effect, without feeling overshadowed by your own clothing.

Remember, confidence is key. While bright colors are sure to draw the eye, you can still look great in plain, dark colors, as long as you’re confident and wear them well.

5.   Experiment With Casual Yet Stylish Hairstyles

Another important part of a celebrities look is their hairstyle. True, some people don’t have much of an option. If you’re losing your hair (or you’ve already lost it), then shaving your head is a good way to go. Plenty of celebrities look fantastic with a shaved head, such as Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.

However, if you have options, then celebrities can provide a wealth of great hairstyle ideas. Again, many celebrities have stylists to help them for the red carpet look, but they still need to have a great, yet low maintenance hairstyle for everyday life.

A lot of stylish hairstyles involve texture, whether you’ve got straight hair or natural waves/curls. If your hair is flat and lank, then it won’t look good. Part of this means that you need to have healthy hair that’s already full of life. Find some shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products that work for your hair.

There are great hairstyles that work with different lengths of hair, although longer hair does give more options. Whatever you do, make sure that it’s something you’re comfortable with so that you can rock your hairstyle.

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