Happy Hugh Grant Day! The Notting Hill Star Is Super Great To Fans Signing At Two Different Events In One Day!

Okay, I have to tell you, as a collector there are still a few people I have never seen out and about. People I’ve been dying for.

One of them is Hugh Grant. I’ve loved Two Weeks Later, Notting Hill, Music and Lyrics and of course Love Actually.

Hugh Grant was doing a couple appearances today in Los Angeles and Scotty, Pinky and I had to go.

pinky keith coogan scotty mike the fanboy

Now, you never know how something is going to go.

There were not that many people but the way they put the barricades up, it’s so confined and disjointed. It’s kind of nutty.

Pinky made a sign for Hugh Grant, which is a play on the song he danced to in Love Actually. Now, a tall Canadian had a wonderful idea for the sign so I completely agree with Pinky that, “It’s a great idea!”

Hugh Grant signing autographs for fans jimmy kimmel live 2016 meeting fans 7

After some drama with the spots and some heatstroke, Hugh Grant’s car pulls up… Behind us.

Then, the driver gets out, and the security tells him where to go.

The driver proceeds to pull into the wrong entrance yet again… Nice.

Finally they make it and Hugh drops.

Hugh Grant signing autographs for fans jimmy kimmel live 2016 meeting fans 7

He looks over and comes right to us. Super nice!

Hugh Grant signing autographs for fans jimmy kimmel live 2016 meeting fans 7

He signed my Love Actually poster and then was maybe there there for 30 seconds. he signed my Two Weeks Notice mini poster and was off.

There was only eight of us and it was so fast I didn’t get a picture. Doh!

We left and at some Salsa, ruminated on life, Discussed politics and between the three of us figured out a way to implement world peace.

Sadly, we all forgot to write down that last one… Dammit!

the other event was super quick. Only five people and yet the two dingbats running the event had to try and be all mysterious with where Hugh Grant would drop.


He ended up pulling in the back which split the five or six (at this point) people up.

Scotty, Gaston and I went to one spot and everyone else another.

Here’s how nice Hugh Grant is… He stopped and signed both places.

Super cool.

He signed my Notting Hill and my Music and Lyrics mini posters! Super cool!

So simple and it should have been a breeze if only the dingbats weren’t so rude.


I only wish his autograph was a little nicer. However, it was a fun day especially since this is the first time I’ve seen Hugh around!

Until next time kids… Sorry about the lack of photos!

Hugh Grant signed autograph notting hill poster Hugh Grant signed autograph love actually cast poster Hugh Grant signed autograph music and lyrics poster Hugh Grant signed autograph two weeks notice poster

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