I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost! Which Two Original Ghostbusters Are Heading To The Reboot For Cameos?

It looks like the new Ghostbusters film is ramping up and while it’s going to be an original story with little to no relation to the original two films, that doesn’t mean cameos are not going to happen.


According to Movieweb at least two of the original Ghostbusters will be back. Dan Aykroyd will have a small cameo as a New York taxt driver who picks up Kristen Wiig. According to Movieweb Aykroyd will say the iconic line, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost.”

bill murray ghostbusters gif rare

Now, another cameo in the film will be Bill Murray. He’s not going to be playing Peter Venkman but Martin Heiss. He’s supposed to be the villain of the film and supposed to be just like Walter Peck from the original film.

The new movie stars Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig.

bill murray ghostbusters gif rare

Check out the tweets of Billy Murray below!

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