Fanboy Fail Friday! Ian McKellen Says, “You Shall Not Pass!” As He Bolts Out Of The Mr. Holmes Q And A!

“You Shall Not Pass!”

The iconic words from Lord of the Rings, really rang true yesterday. I popped a few Dayquil pills and headed out on the cold mean streets of Los Angeles. I can’t seem to shake the post SDCC sickness, but I had to try for legendary actor Ian McKellen.

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I mean it’s Magnetto and Gandolff! Plus, I’ve been working on this Lord of the Rings trilogy poster for years! Sigh…

When I met up with Scotty there were already about 20 people there. Ian McKellen was doing a q and a for Mr. Holmes his new film hitting theaters.

I saw Megan, Janna, MTF Reader Joe, and a bunch of people. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go… But judging my the headline, I think you can guess.


As Ian McKellen arrived, he waved briskly and went right inside. Doh!

And now… We wait… One never knows what’s going to happen, when you think all hope is lost, something good occurs. When you think, it’s going to be easy, then it’s a disaster.

Scotty had his one sheet for Lord of the Rings boarded, and we were all semi-hopeful that we would get lucky.

Ian McKellen

Alas, that wasn’t to be the case.

Laura Linney, who was also at the q and a, left and was nice enough to stop her car and sign a few things.

Ian McKellen, left, jumped right in the car and drove through the crowd of waiting fans, dealers and collectors.

And that… As we say… Is that!

Ian McKellen

I’m going to get some more Nyquil to try and kill this sickness…

Until next time kids…

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