Indiana Jones Being Recast? Is Steven Spielberg Going To Replace Harrison Ford As The Iconic Action Hero?

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Wow, some awesome scoop from the fine fellows over a Latino-review!

It looks like Indiana Jones, might be getting recast. It’s not for sure, but as LR says, the window to getting another Indy film made is getting smaller and smaller. Harrison Ford is getting older… and older… and older so, it’s hard to imagine him jumping off trucks or sailing through the sky in an inflatable raft.

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So Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are thinking of recasting Harrison in a younger prequel sense. According to the article Spielberg always thought of Indiana Jones as his James Bond, which does make sense on some level.

If it is to be said that the window does close on a new Indy film who are they looking at to replace Harrison Ford…

Bradley Cooper apparently is at the top of the list.

I know.

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I like Bradley Cooper, but… Indiana Jones? What if his perfectly quaffed Ryan Seacrest hair gets messed up?

On a good rumor front, it looks like Frank Darabont might be taking a crack at the script! That is news I can get behind!


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