Is Tyler Posey Shirtless In Every Promo For MTV’s Teen Wolf Series? Pretty Much… He’s 2011’s Taylor Lautner!

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So, I was just sent the promos for the new MTV series Teen Wolf. Now, I hate remakes, and I hate bad remakes even more. While I was at first very reticent, I mean hello, the whole thing looks like an excuse to get Tyler Posey shirtless in every scene he’s in. Plus, haven’t we seen the shirtless werewolf stuff with Taylor Lautner?

Still, there’s lots of fun teen angst in the preview I saw and this could be a decent show. I’m not saying it will be good… No… No, no, no, no… What I’m saying is… This could be decent… lol…

Check out the rest of the shirtless promo shots below! Lol…

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