Is Veronica Mars Heading To Netflix? The New Entertainment Weekly Might Allude To It!

Wait, hold on a second…

So, as you all know, I love me some Veronica Mars, it’s just known.

The new Entertainment Weekly cover hit stands today and I had to go buy three. Look, you just need it, there are things in your life you have to have.

veronica mars entertainment weekly cover kristen bell jason dohring

Anyway, the article was good, nothing completely new except something I’ve been saying since the whole Kickstarter campaign began.

“Thomas and Bell want to make more Mars, be it as low budget movies or a Netflix series.”

It was slid in there, but I’ve been saying a Veronica Mars series on Netflix could be perfect.

While I can’t wait for the film, a television series is the perfect medium for Veronica Mars… So, if EW mentioned it… I have to think that there have been at least some preliminary discussions…

What do you guys think? Is Veronica Mars Netflix bound?

veronica mars the movie poster one sheet official

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