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When Veronica Mars left the airwaves oh so long ago, I thought it would be forever until we see another plucky heroine on network TV. Robb Thomas, the man behind Veronica Mars had other plans however, and has given us iZombie, based on the DC comic books. So much of the Veronica Mars spirit is flowing through iZombie and you can almost hear the familiar chords of the Veronica Mars theme song. The best thing about iZombie though, is that it’s not a clone or a copy. It takes elements of the familiar and makes them new.

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iZombie: The Complete Second Season is out now on DVD, and the mystery sleuthing is in full swing. It’s three months after the season one finale where Liv (Rose McIver) gave Major (Robert Buckley) the last of her zombie cure. He still refuses to speak with her no matter how had she tries.

Liv’s family is the same with her mother practically shunning her after Liv refuses to donate blood to help her brother Evan (Nick Purcha). Her mother doesn’t realize that if Liv did donate blood that it would turn him into a zombie as well.

rose-mciver-as-liv-moore 2

Ravi (Rahul Kohl) is trying to figure out a way to duplicate the serum but is running into numerous obstacles. Liv is still working under the guise of a psychic with detective Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) and doing pretty well at solving crimes and taking on the personalities of the deceased.

Peyton (Aly Michalka), Liv’s best friend is still MIA after Liv told her the truth about her condition which his weighing heavily on her heart. However, that’s not the major issue at hand. Clive is still looking into the Meat Cute massacre and think that either Major or Blaine (David Anders) are at the heart of it. Liv is trying to protect Clive from learning that zombies exist and also protect Major from Clive and many times this season from himself.

rose-mciver-as-liv-moore 2

Of course Blaine, the shifty zombie who ran the brain delivery system, now is running a mortuary himself and trying to get his drugs back on the market. All this is happening while Vaughn Du Clark (Steven Weber) the CEO of Max Rager who accidentally created the zombie virus in the first place, wants to put a new energy drink out but needs to get rid of the zombies first so no one knows that the drink has side effects… Like zombie-ism.

Vaughn gets word that Major is a former zombie and blackmails him, forcing Major to be a zombie killer. Major has a new inherent skill where he can detect the walking dead which makes him the perfect candidate.

rose-mciver-as-liv-moore 2

A lot is going on in iZombie and while at the beginning of season one I was skeptical, by the end I was a full fledged fan of the series. With season two the characters are even more fleshed out (pardon the pun) and the stories are more intricate and interesting. The mystery of the week has even been amped up. I loved the episode where Liv eats the brains of a frat boy and becomes the ultimate bro.

The writing is top notch this season, knowing the characters inside out and really letting them breathe and explore different parts of their characters. Thankfully, the actors are more than u pro the challenge. Each one of the core ensemble players never miss a beat. Rose McIver really has a lot to play with being a percentage of a new character each week. I’ll tell you, she really pulls it off and it’s so great to see her bounce from a lethario, to a racist neighbor, to a high society housewife. Each time she really nails it.

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iZombie arrives on home video with a DVD transfer. While it’s not blu-ray, the DVD does a good job in still brining out fine details. The black tones are rich and the flashes of color are very vibrant. It’s a definite upgrade from the broadcast version, with a fine clear image that everyone will be happy with.

I was sad that there were few special features on this release. There were no commentary tracks for the episodes which I think would have been a nice touch.

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The special features include:

Deleted & Extended Scenes – There were about fifteen minutes of different scenes on each of the discs. There are eleven total scenes. Most of the things were small little cuts that were done due to time. None of the cuts really added any new info for each episode, but it’s always fun to see them.

2015 Comic-Con Panel – I love when Warner Bros includes the Comic-Con panels in their special features. It’s so nice to give everyone access to the panel and not just the people who spent the night trying to get into Hall H. It’s a fun panel, I believe that it’s edited slightly but the best thing is being able to see the fun that the cast has together.

rose-mciver-as-liv-moore 2

Overall, if you were on the fence about checking iZombie out, this is the perfect time to pick up the first two seasons and binge watch them. I think you’ll really be pleasantly surprised at how much you enjoy this zombie tale and after a few episodes you’ll really fall in love with the characters.

iZombie: The Complete Second Season is out now on DVD

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