James Franco on TWO Magazine Covers GQ Style and Vogue International!

james franco vogue magazine cover homme international sexy hot armpit hair magazine cover rare wife beater

James Franco… I enjoy the quirkiness of the Franco… But I’m growing a little tired. I dunno, I mean what is it about the Franco that is growing tiresome? I can’t put my finger on it… Hmmmm Is it the soap opera General Hospital – ness of it all.. nah, that’s fun… Was is the suckiness of the Oscars… Maybe! Hmmmm I can’t put my finger on it right this second… Ah well….

Mr. James Franco is on the cover of a couple cool magazines right now… Paris Vogue where James Franco shows us what lovely armpit hair he has. Important info for this friday. I just finished a Dos Equis XX so you know… I’m a tad punchy…

And also GQ Style, where the Franco looks constipated or pensive I can’t decide which. Still, it’s kinda a cool cover. Erica will love it. Why do I say this? I dunno… I think it’s the Dos Equis XX… Sigh… Take a look at the constipated cover below!

james franco GQ style magazine cover rare black and white sexy hot sexy magazine cover rare black and white

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