Manic Monday! Meeting The Soapy Stars Of Melrose Place! Pinky Heads To A Premiere And Meets James Wilder! Retro Goodness!

Growing up in the 1990’s who didn’t love Beverly Hills 90210 and it’s spinoff Melrose Place.

Pinky loved the sudsy soapers as well, and has met many of the cast members over the years. Pinky was able to meet one of the recurring characters on Melrose Place and it’s spinoff Models Inc. Mr. James Wilder.

Check out her recap below!

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here thinking back to those sudsy, delicious, nighttime soap operas of the nineties – especially the ones made by Darren Starr or Aaron Spelling. They really knew how to hook an audience!


Other than Beverly Hills 90210 (which I LOVED), my other must-watch show back then was Melrose Place. Nothing was more fun than watching those way-too-good-looking neighbors get into all kinds of trouble together.

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My roommates and I would center our entire week around these shows and make a whole night out of watching them together. Because of this, those shows will always hold a special place in my heart; especially for the people who starred on them.

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So, when I randomly met James Wilder at a premiere a few weeks ago, my Melrose-Place loving heart went nuts! I knew instantly who he was – especially since he was on both Melrose Place and Models, Inc. (another fave).

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Of course, back then James Wilder became more well known for who he dated (Kirstie Alley) and even turned up on her Veronica’s Closet show. But James Wilder was incredibly hot and fun to watch in whatever he did.

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Fun fact: James also starred in a movie with my husband, Keith Coogan, called Ivory Tower. While that film is never going to win any awards, I still enjoy anything that features my handsome hubby.

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It was so fun to meet James – he was super cool!

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