January Jones! Liam Neeson! Diane Kruger! and surprise Robert Downey Jr Sign for fans at the Unknown premiere!

Liam Neeson signed autograph unknown premiere taken batman begins star wars episode 1 sexy hot rare

I’m kicking myself! I had planned on going to this premiere, cause I am a huge Mad Men fan and I love January Jones! Sigh… Well… Needless to say, no, I didn’t go. And yes January Jones was there and signed. Grrrrrrrr… Sigh, I guess you can’t do everything right? Anyway, thankfully CB made his way over to Westwood and documented the evening me everyone to hate him for… I mean enjoy… Check out his full report and pics after the jump!

Hey everyone, CB again. This time I’m at the UNKNOWN premiere is Westwood. I am so excited because the movie features Liam Neeson (Star Wars, Taken, Batman Begins, A-Team), Diane Kruger and JANUARY JONES from MAD MEN!! I love Mad Men, but January is never around, so I said to myself…just go, what’s the worse that can happen. Armed with 8X10s……yes Mike, I got 8X10s, I’m off to Westwood.

3:00 – I arrived, I look and the carpet is in a tent in case it rained. It’s been raining and I thought not many people would show up and there is no one…I mean NO ONE around. Sigh, I need to pee…
3:20 – YAY, I’m joined by two other fans I met from the Johnny Depp Rango premiere!!

4:00 – Other people show up, we are up to FIVE people!!

4:30- I just got word that Robert Downey Jr’s wife is the producer of the movie. Someone informs me that RDJ will show up, so he might sign…and I have nothing. Here comes my CB senses tingling. I head over to a print place, have someone send me a high res image to my email, transfer it from my phone and print it. The pic comes out AWESOME! Here’s hoping he arrives…

5:30 -Security is letting the Press in. Did I mention is freezing? Like Arctic Tundra bad////

6:30- First Arrival…its…Kim and Kris Kardashian….Yes, from Keeping up with the Kardashians…They call for her and she comes right over…

Kim and Kris Kardashian signing autographs unknown premiere booty butt sexy hot naked porn rare

6:35 Another Limo pulls up, its Liam Neeson!!! OMG, HES COMING OVER!! I get him on my UNKNOWN photo…Liam is weird, he doesn’t sign Batman, Taken or Star Wars pictures…Knowing this, I came prepared…

As Liam signs, I’m getting pushed like crazy. He says stop pushing, but none of the dealers listen…He signs for about two minutes…

Liam Neeson signed autograph unknown premiere taken batman begins star wars episode 1 sexy hot rare

6:45: Another limo pulls up and its Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson.

joshua jackson fringe dawson's creek hot sey signed autograph shirtless rare sexy wet pacey

They come right over and sign. Diane takes my blue pen and signs a handful. I get Diane on my Unknown picture

Diane Kruger  inglorioug bastards signed autograph rare fan unknown premiere westwood National Treasure sexy hot rare

6:50: Another Limo arrives and it’s January Jones…She comes over and goes straight to me. I give her my pen and she’s off! She signs my Mad Men photo and Unknown photo!

January Jones signed autograph mad men unknown premiere sexy hot rare westwood CA rolling stone

7:05: Last limo shows up, and it’s none other than Robert Downey Jr, MR IRON MAN himself! He talks to his wife and comes straight to me, I give him my blue pen and he signs my picture. the one I ran around to get…This pic sums up how nice RDJ was!

robert downey Jr signing autographs for fans at the unknown premiere in westwood sexy hot rolling stone rare shirtless

Overall, I had a blast…I’m really happy I got Liam and January, but RDJ made the night fantastic…CB OUT!

liam neeson chloe january jones joshua jackson mad men sexy hot rare shirtless naked a team

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