Super Star Saturdays! Scotty Heads To Jason Bateman’s Walk Of Fame Star Ceremony and The Arrested Development Star Is Awesome To Fans!

It’s Super Star Saturday! The day that Scotty recounts one awesome moment in celebrity signing and the stars who are really over the top cool to their fans.

This week, Scotty headed out to the Star Ceremony for Jason Bateman! Check out his recap below!


Super Star Saturdays – Jason Bateman Edition

July 29, 2017

By: Scott


This week’s super star is Jason Bateman. I have been out a couple of times for Jason, and he has always been fan friendly. This week, Jason received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Jennifer Aniston and Will Arnett were the speakers for the ceremony.

Jennifer Aniston gave a very heartfelt speech. After the ceremony, Jason signed autographs and greeted fans that were waiting patiently. Thank you, Jason for always being a super star to your fans!

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