Fanboy Fail Friday! Getting Three… YES THREE! Photo Flops With Jason Mamoa! Doh!

This is a fun Fanboy Fail Friday/Photo Flop Friday.. and its not Billy Beer! Say wha?

I know!

Suddenly Susan had to take her photo with Jason Mamoa like four times! Doh!

But at least there’s a happy silver lining to this Flop!

Check it out below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


You may have read my recent review of The Red Road panel.  I just couldn’t seem to get a decent photo with Jason Mamoa. I have a pretty basic digital camera. Nothing fancy, nothing too complicated. You hold the button have way to focus and then press down fully.
Take one – no focus
Jason Mamoa fan photo selfie signing autographs   3

Take two – half focus, but only on me
Jason Mamoa fan photo selfie signing autographs   3

Take three – no  focus and no flash
Jason Mamoa fan photo selfie signing autographs   3

I finally had Ace take the 4th photo, but I remarked to Jason that the other woman must have never used a camera before – well that made Jason laugh, which made me laugh, so his eyes were closed and I looked ridiculous.

I have wisely chosen not to share that one with Mike.
I finally got a super cute one and was so relieved that Jason was super nice about it all. I’m so glad I listened to Ace and asked one last time. With Jason “rumored” to be playing Aquaman, a photo opportunity with him is going to be more difficult, and I definitely won’t be getting 5 re-takes anytime soon!

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