Jekyll or Hyde! Connie Britton! Susan Sings A Sad Song But Eventually Meets The Nashville Starlet! Autographs! Fan Photos! Say Wha? Who Is This Person!

Jekyll or Hyde! Time… It must be Wednesday! This week the saucy Ms. Suddenly Susan is recounting her time with Nashville star Ms. Connie Britton! Honestly, I’ve heard so many mixed reports about the Friday Night Lights star I don’t even know where to begin!

Well, Susan had a horrible time at the Paleyfest for American Horror Story some time ago and we determined to get something out of it. So, when she heard of a good event she headed out!

Check out Susan’s full report after the jump!



I went to a small Academy screening for American Horror Story last year. After the absolute failure at Paleyfest, I was determined to get someone.

I had heard only the worst things about Connie Britton, so I was prepared for a nasty no from her. After waiting only a short time, cast members were dropped off at the curb, just a few feet away. As luck would have it, they were perfectly spaced apart by a few minutes.

There was only a very small group of 4 people waiting. Three were dealers and me. With this small amount, you’d think there would be a nice calm, but alas, those dealers just can’t help themselves.

When Connie pulled up, she got out and seemed like she was going to give us the big diss, without even looking our way. Then she stopped, did a complete 180 and walked over to us. She came to me first, even though the 3 dealers waiting walked towards her to get in first. I asked her to please make it out to Susan and told her how much I loved Friday Night Lights. She was super nice and thanked me.

connie britton signed autograph american horror story photo poster rare promo hot friday night lights star

She moved along and said, “Susan, I’m going to borrow your pen.” Three dealers came running out of nowhere, photos in hand, and ambushed her from the side, shoving their items over the ones who were getting signed. Jesus, people, there’s now 8 of us and this is Connie Britton, not Meryl Streep.

Calm the fuck down. Connie told them to relax. After she signed one for everyone she handed me back my pen and thanked me for letting her use it. I asked for a photo, and she said, “sure Susan, come here.”

connie britton signing autographs fan photo rare prom suddenly susan signature rare promo american horror story friday night lights

It’s funny how we feel we know the celebrities we meet well enough to address them by name, so I love when they do the same. So, I scored a great, personalized signature and a photo with Miss Connie Britton.

connie britton signed autograph american horror story photo poster rare promo hot friday night lights star

On this day, the verdict was definitely Dr. Jekyll!!

For her awesomeness Connie Britton is awarded the Happy Theo!

cute adorable french bulldog named Theo badge the happy theo badge rare promo brown hair french bulldog

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