Throwback Thurs! Love Her Or Hate Her… But Hole Singer Courtney Love Is Awesome To This Fanboy! Go On Take Everything! Autographs! Photos!

For this weeks Throwback Thurs I decided to take a look back at someone, who’s not necessarily bad at signing, or mean, or rude… Just… Different. I can only be talking about Courtney Love. Now, love her or hate her, everyone has to admit she’s a character!

Personally, I love her. I love Hole, I love her crazy… Mainly I love how she just tells it like she sees it and doesn’t give a shit. Honestly, if I had to pick a quality that I admire most in people, I think that would be it. Say what you fucking think, I mean don’t be a dick, but don’t be a douche either.

Hmmmm I should put that on a bumper sticker. Only me… LOL…

Anyway, I was just starting out trying to meet people when I arrived in La La Land and my friend and I hand picked the celebrities we wanted to meet. Courtney Love was on the top of my list.

By chance she was doing a book signing at the now defunct Virgin Megastore on Sunset and I got my wristband and was all happy and shit.

Then, I saw that Courtney was going to be doing a talk show taping that same day. I had to try there because I have this concert poster I really wanted signed and knew I probably couldn’t get it done at the book signing. Plus, getting a photo would be epic.

So, out I went and waited and waited… My friend and I were chilling and then I saw Courtney stumble out… Security told me that they were on high guard because last time Courtney Love was around she jumped in her car, drove in circles around the backlot, took off her shirt and flashed everyone while screaming.

That’s my Courtney Love. Swoon…

This time she was a bit more subdued. Security told her that she had a couple fans waiting and asked if it would be okay if we came over to get something signed.

Her response…

“I have many fans.”

Then she waved us over. I of course being new got my poster signed in a dead silver sharpie.

courtney love signed autograph hole concert poster agora theatre rare promo yellow promo poster

You can still see the signature but… Why didn’t I go for blue? Why!?! I was obsessed with silver at the time. Doh…

courtney love signed autograph hole concert poster agora theatre rare promo yellow promo poster

My friend got her magazine signed and then I asked Courtney if I could get a picture.

Her response?

“Yeah, but hurry the fuck up, these shoes are killing me.”

Then she grabbed me with the strength of a tiger and we posed for a beautiful photo. I mean, it’s awesome! And her grip was like strong. I swear for a second I thought a bodybuilder grabbed me and she’s small! I’m 6’3! LOL… Okay I’m 6’4 why lie.

courtney love from hole fan photo with mike the fanboy signing autographs for fans hot sexy singer rare promo

We thanked her and she left.

It’s an awesome memory and I love telling the story. My friend printed the photo as a 5 x 7 and it’s been on my wall ever since.

And the sky was made of amethyst
And all the stars were just like little fish
You should learn when to go
You should learn how to say no

I need to listen to Violet right now actually… Memories. That’s one thing I love about this hobby. There’s always a story, good or bad.

I’m going to give Courtney Love a rare Happy Theo award, only because Theo is so damn cute!


happy theo award cute adorable french bulldog brown short hair happy french bulldog award show rare promo

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