Throwback Thurs! Meeting 40 Year Old Virgin Star Steve Carell… And He’s Hyper Nice! Say What! Autographs! Photos! Comedy Genius!

With Last Flag Flying coming out, I figured it was a good time to pick Steve Carell for throwback Thurs!
He’s a tough one, but this day he was really nice. I love our photo and it was taken at the Tonight Show when Steve was a guest.
Check out the full recap below!

It was so funny, when I first started out collecting autographs, meeting people, etc… There were a lot of celebrities I just assumed were super cool. I didn’t even think that they wouldn’t be nice. I mean wasn’t everyone nice? To actually think someone was mean, or rude was totally beyond my comprehension.

So, one day I saw that Steve Carell was out and about and taping a talk show. So I decided to head down there. Well, when the day came I had to sign mortgage papers and couldn’t go. Doh! My friend called and was like, “Steve Carell was so nice! He totally did it, photos and everything…” I was like dammit… But I assumed he would just do it the next time he was around because… “He was soooo nice…”

steve carell 40 year old virgin rare promo press still hot kelly clarkson chest hair wax scene rare shirtless promo hot

As luck would have it about 5 months later Steve was taping the same talk show and I called my friend and went ahead down to the studio.

I waited with about oh 10 to 15 people. I was wanting to get my 40 Year Old Virgin UK Mini quad poster signed and I think I was one of the only people there who had something to get signed. Everyone else just wanted a photo. Leslie Mann and Jonah Hill already signed the poster (yes, Jonah Hill… I know.. JONAH HILL!) but you have to get Steve Carell!

steve carell 40 year old virgin rare promo press still hot elizabeth banks rare lip bite promo hot

When the show was over, we didn’t even have to call. Steve just walked right up to us with security and said, “Hi guys, I’m Steve.” We lined up and all got our turn to take a photo with him.

I asked Steve to sign my mini poster and if he could make it to Mike… He was like, “Sure Mike!”

40 year old virgin uk quad mini movie poster signed by steve carell jonah hill leslie mann rare promo hot sexy photo

And then I asked for a quick photo. He said, “Absolutely!”

It was quick, it was simple and I was in and out.

Boy I’m glad I did. Because all I hear now are horror stories about how horrible Steve is to the fans, and how he never signs let alone the full name I got on my mini poster.

steve carell fan photo signing autographs for fans rare signature signed 40 year old virgin get smart the office rare promo

To me, that day Steve was awesome.

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