I Get To Figure Out ‘Who Will Save My Soul’ After Meeting Jewel! Photos! And More!

Who will save your soul?

The question that has plagued men and women for generations. While I clearly don’t have an answer to the age old question, I was able to meet the person who posed the question folk singer and 1990’s staple Jewel.

While I was at a conference earlier this year, there was a special guest… Jewel. I was supposed to see Natalie Merchant in concert that week and while there is no substitute for Natalie Merchant, Jewel was indeed present at the conference.

She did a mini concert that I sat through and yes she did sing that iconic song.

Afterwards Jewel did a meet and greet and I got a quick photo with her.

She was very nice and sweet.

She didn’t say whether or not she would save my soul but she did give me a handshake, so you know… It all works out.

Until next time kids…

Jewel Fan photo selfie 2016 1

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