I always love it when someone gets to meet someone they really care about. 

Pinky was able to meet none other than Jim Carrey, who was so nice! It might have taken one, two, three, or seventy tries over the years, but finally she got her picture!

Woo to the hoo!

Check out her recap below!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here practically bursting with excitement after finally getting the BEST picture with one of my forever unicorns, Jim Carrey. Now, my love for Jim is deep and true and began when I first saw him on In Living Color in the nineties.

Jim Carrey of In Living Color.


My family adored that show and we’d watch it together every week. No one made us laugh harder than Jim and as his movie career took off, we made sure to follow along. Still, never in a million years did I think one day I’d be anywhere near “Fire Marshall Bill” himself, Jim Carrey.

Years later, I was at Sundance when his movie with Ewan McGregor (I Love You Phillip Morris) premiered. Despite getting a ticket into the event, for some insane reason, I decided I’d rather see my boyfriend at the time than go to the screening. WRONG DECISION and one I’ve regretted ever since. Several more years passed and then, a miracle happened: Jim wrote a children’s book and was having a signing in Santa Monica at the Barnes and Noble. Only problem? It was the exact same day we were getting married in Malibu. Despite trying and trying to figure out a way to attend the book signing (in my wedding dress!), sadly, we couldn’t make it work and I was incredibly disappointed.


A few years later, I saw him at a small event, but he didn’t do pictures. About a month after that, I saw him at a concert, but, again, he said no. Of course, the one time I heard he happily did pictures with tons of people was at an event I didn’t attend. D’oh! I was starting to give up all hope until I saw him listed as panelist at the Vulture festival last November. As it’s a fairly new event, I figured it might have more access than other things. To really seal the deal, I had a mini photo book printed up with about thirty pictures of Jim’s political art (if you haven’t seen his art, I highly recommend checking it out – so good!). As soon as the panel ended, I sprang from my seat and practically ran to the stage (as I was about midway back in the theater). Somehow I made it to the stage and got his attention. I heard someone ask for a picture and he said it’d be hard to do from the stage. Then, he looked at me and I told him I’d made him a gift, gave it to him, and he said, “Thank you very much.” I then asked him for a picture and he leaned down and we took one! I was dying! Afterwards, practically in tears, I said, “Thank you, thank you, I’m such a huge fan. I just love you.” He looked me right in the eyes and said, “I love you, too.” Now, I realize he’s an actor and most likely says things like that all the time, but it was still a really cool moment. As grateful as I was for the picture, the lighting was terrible. I tried making it black and white, but it still wasn’t my favorite. I mean, sure, it’s a picture of me and Jim – which I’m thrilled about – I just wished it was a tiny bit better.


Thankfully, we had the opportunity to attend an FYC event his past week for Jim’s new show called Kidding which airs on Showtime.

I’m in love with the show – it’s really, really great – and was so stoked to attend the event. The invitation said, “Reception with talent” and since he was the only cast member there, I kind of assumed he’d be mingling. I’m so glad I didn’t just wait for the reception, as I was going to do. Once the Q&A ended, people jumped up and he started doing pictures on his way out. Not wanting to miss my shot, I positioned myself between him and the door and, thankfully, was able to snap a quick picture on his way out. The entire time his people were saying, “He’ll be at the reception,” but I started feeling like perhaps he wouldn’t. So, I was really happy I was able to get a picture and even more thrilled when I had a chance to look at it and it was amazing! Best Jim Carrey smile ever!

Sadly, he never did make it to the reception. Still, am I the luckiest girl in the world, or what? As I told Mikey earlier today, sometimes I think our experiences are luck, and sometimes I think it’s a karmic payback for putting in your time earlier. I definitely put in my time hoping to meet Jim….it just took a lot longer than expected. Regardless, squee!!! Thank you, Jim, for sharing your talent, your kindness, and your art. I appreciate it.

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