Jodie Foster Amazes At Walk Of Fame Star Ceremony! Autographs! Photos! And More!

I recently went out to support Jodie Foster at her recent Walk of Fame Star Ceremony.


I had been at several events where Foster did Q&As and red carpet appearances where I had no luck to get her to sign my posters. Mike and I have attended numerous functions together. He has been fortunate every time, where I was not so fortunate. Even when my brother and I attended an event within the last year, she signed for my brother, and claimed she already signed for me. We look similar, so I understand. (Tim Robbins did the same thing. When I explained, he retorted, “that’s what they all say.”)


Regardless, her appearance at the star ceremony made up for a string of missed opportunities and bad luck.


I watched Panic Room and Silence of the Lambs as a kid. If you were raised in the 90s, they are the reasons your Mom made sure she locked the door ten times in one night.


Kristen Stewart of Panic Room spoke for the evening. She had wonderful things to say about her on-screen mom.


When Jodie finished press for Money Monster, she came over and met with fans.

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