Super Star Saturday! Scotty Flips For One Of His Top Celebrities Ever! Jodie Foster! Autographs! And More!

“Super Star” Saturday – Jodie Foster Edition
August 10, 2019
By: Scott

This week’s “super star” is one of my top five favorite celebrities ever. Jodie Foster is one of the best actresses of our time. She has won two Academy Awards for heaven’s sake. Now before I get hate mail, I was given this tip by a friend and was asked not to tell anyone else about it. If I find out about something myself, I will share it. But, if it is given to me as a favor, I can’t share the information. Anyways, Jodie is very kind, and has one of the most beautiful signatures out there. Jodie was out and about in Los Angeles. Following her appearance, Jodie signed a couple of items for each person. She was just as awesome as she has been in the past. Whenever Jodie meets with fans, I am over the moon when I see her autograph on one of my items. Thank you, Jodie for being so kind. It is REALLY APPRECIATED! You are a “super star” in my book!!!

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