John Carpenter Book Soup Graphic Novel Signing! Meeting Up With The Gang To Meet The Horror Legend!

How can you not love John Carpenter? He’s amazing. This is a bit of a vintage Fanboy outing but I just realized I never wrote it up. What a crime.

I’ll make it short and sweet though.

Book Soup had a book signing with John Carpenter where you can get his book and two additional items signed. Not too shabby.

I came armed with my Big Trouble in Little China and Christine posters. I mean, you can’t have enough Big Trouble in Little China right?

It was a hot hot day. Suddenly Susan, Ace and Lisa-Lisa were all with me and had their items with them.

The staff was trying to not allow photos, which I didn’t know about at the time.

We were all very excited, and John Carpenter was very nice.

He signed my two items and my book as well.

It was simple and smooth. Couldn’t have gone better to be honest.

Woo to the hoo!

Until next time kids..

John Carpenter signed autograph big trouble in little china poster

John Carpenter signed autograph christine poster

John Carpenter signed old man jack book

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