John Leguizamo Goodness! JM Meets The Too Wong Foo Star After His Play At The Ahmanson Theater!

One of my favorite films growing up was “The Pest,” starring John Leguizamo. I constantly watched the movie all the time on VHS. Although I was first introduced (and enjoyed immensely) his role as Luigi in “Super Mario Bros,” it was “The Pest” that I became a huge fan of John’s watching anything and everything of his. Whether he was working with Spike Lee (“Summer of Sam”), scaring you (“Spawn”), singing his heart out (“Moulin Rouge”) or cooking Cubanos with a “swinger” (“Chef”), John Leguizamo’s entertaining eclectic career certainly does the trick making you laugh and cry, sometimes both at the same time.

In 2017, John Leguizamo debuted his one-man show “Latin History for Morons” and later won a Special Tony Award for his efforts. Currently Leguizamo is touring the show in Los Angeles at the Ahmanson Theatre before expanding his tour across the United States. My girlfriend graciously humored me and went along with my date night idea to see the show despite not knowing anything about the play. For those wondering whether or not to see the Netflix special first, it doesn’t matter as John’s live performance and energy is on another level.

Now normally I would give a recap, but I rather people go and discover this amazing show on their own. Before heading out I heard a rumor John actually conducts a mini meet & greet after each performance. Sure enough, after performing for nearly two hours John graciously greeted fans after the play and did a meet & greet with everyone interested in the lobby.

The nice thing is the theater was selling tons of merchandise, including his book “Ghetto Klown” to get signed. My girlfriend and I waited patiently in line, which moved very quickly despite John taking his time with every fan. Whether you wanted to say “Hi,” get an autograph and/or picture, John joyfully interacted with everyone as long as you wanted.


When it was my turn I gushed about “The Pest” and thanked him for entertaining me the past 25+ years. John sincerely made you feel like you were having a conversation one on one. Thanks John Leguizamo for being an amazing person and teaching us “morons” some proper Latin history!

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