Fanboy Fail Fridays! Jon Hamm Breaks Karalee’s Heart And Ignores The 10 People Waiting For Him! Doh! Mad Men Sadness…

It’s Fanboy Fail Friday! Sound the alarm!

Oh dear… I hate writing a fail for people who are cool other times and then… not others… Oh wait that’s a whole other column right?

But today is a fail on another level. You see, Karalee is a huge fan of Jon Hamm, HUGE! Like, out of everyone in Hollywood when you ask her… “Karalee, who would you want to meet?” She says with sass in her voice… “Jon Hamm! Jon Hamm!” Drool might form, it’s a crazy sight.

So, when Jon was scheduled for a talk show taping Billy Beer and I went along with the lovely Karalee dressed in green. Lady in green, is sultry with me… Cheek to cheek…

Okay, well, I had to get on my knees to get a decent photo with her, but still you get the idea… This was out Photo Flop…

karalee and mike the fanboy jon hamm disses fans and refuses autographs 002

And this was our Photo Bomb….

karalee and mike the fanboy jon hamm disses fans and refuses autographs 002

Nice! This day is going well….

There are literally six people here… SIX! I’m a little shocked but then again there are times when I think 30 people will show up and no one is here and then the reverse sooooooooo… Yay?

Brandon Boyd from Incubus is here! He is so nice! Again only one girl has anything for him, but he’s nice enough to write out song lyrics for her… I mean damn… DAMN! It really made her day.

brandon boyd from incubus signing autographs at jimmy kimmel

brandon boyd from incubus signing autographs at jimmy kimmel shirtless

brandon boyd from incubus signing autographs at jimmy kimmel shirtless

And so we wait… The normal Hollywood crazy people are walking around and shirtless people

sexy shirtless muscle bodybuilder walking around hollywood blvd.

and this guy who was so happy to make it to Costco.

billy beer says I love costco

Billy just loves buying cheese and squash in bulk. Costco makes him happy.

And there’s Jon Hamm! He’s pretty late, does sort of a half wave and runs inside. It doesn’t bode well for our hero dressed in green, like Rachel Weisz in Oz The Great and Powerful.

And now we wait. A Few more people arrive, Billy decides to go on a healthy diet and then says, Fuck all, I’m getting cheese fries.

Lucas shows up with a poster bigger than Anushika, Karalee, and Erica combined.

and then Billy plots how he’s going to run to Jon’s car for Karalee if for some reason he won’t do it. I’m fairly confidant it will happen. I’ve met Jon a lot and he was nice every time… Except the Emmy party over the weekend… Hmmmmmm

The Mad Men cast are interesting. They go from super nice to mean, it’s like a cycle or wave. And that kind of sucks, since it’s one of the best shows on the air right now and one of my favorites. Sigh….

And then… Jon Hamm leaves, yelling, weeping, gnashing of teeth and Jon Hamm doesn’t even look over. He completely ignores people… Wow… I say wow…

jon hamm disses fans and refuses autographs 009

sadness abounds in the hearts of men and one shamrock clad fangirl. sigh…


It’s a total bummer, I hate it when everyone says, “Oh, they’re so nice” and then you try and it’s FAIL CITY! Sorry love…

Harrumph I say… For breaking Karalee’s Heat…. Jon Hamm you get the Angry Theo! Oh yeah, I did it… Angry Theo to you!

angry-theo award adorable French Bulldog mean award stink eye rare promo evil eye rare promo

Until next time kids…

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