Joseph Gordon-Levitt Runs Through Trash And Into Oncoming Traffic To Avoid 15 Waiting Fans! Say Wha? BUT Justin Does Get To Meet My #1! Goldie Hawn!

Okay, there are several things about this latest report from Justin that kills me. One, yeah Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a douche, clearly that is a fact. But two, Justin met my #1 Goldie Hawn! I’m dying! Do you know how much stuff I have for her? Ugh… I would have had to grab someone and made them speak for me because I would have tripped balls. Seriously.


Okay, I’m going to pick myself up from the floor from hearing this.

If you have any doubts about JGL being ahem… not nice… anymore check out Pinky’s recap from Sundance!

Check out Justin’s full recap after the jump!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


I had heard many stories about fan encounters with Joseph Gordon Levitt. 99.9% of these stories were negative.

Recently, I had heard a positive story about him that was supported by You Tube videos. After a taping of the David Letterman Show in New York in Mid-September, Mr. Levitt apparently actually signed “autographs.” I use the quotes because from the pictures I have seen his “signature” was a scribbled ” Joseph Gordon-Levitt” and one of the least attractive autographs i have seen lately.

Due to his reputation I had never bothered attempting to get his autograph but after hearing the Letterman story I decided to give him a shot.

Joseph gordon levitt inception gif

On September 25th Joseph Gordon-Levitt was back in New York and scheduled to appear on the Colbert Report. I decided to wait outside the studio with a head shot of him from Don Jon that I wanted him to sign. I figured the best thing to have was a shot from his directorial debut rather than his more commercial films like Inception or Batman.

Joseph gordon levitt inception gif 500 days of summer

On the way in Joseph Gordon-Levitt hurried past the barricade with his head down. Not cool but on Letterman he signed after the taping so I still had hope. I figured he would be in the studio for at least an hour so I ran down to an event honoring Goldie Hawn and met and got autographs from her and her partner, Kurt Russell. Both were very nice and Kurt even signed an extra for my friend who couldn’t make it but loves his movies.

goldie hawn mad animated gif rare promo

(Editor’s Note: Justin nothing you will ever tell me will uncur more jealousy than than this. I’ve been wanting Goldie Hawn for YEARS! You’re killing me here! M-)

When i returned to the Colbert studio a crowd of about 15 people was there evenly distributed behind the barricades on each side of the studio door. An hour passed and no Joseph Gordon-Levitt. he had been in the studio for over two hours which was highly unusual.

Joseph gordon levitt inception gif

His car was parked where it had been earlier and there is no back door so we knew he couldn’t have snuck out. I thought it was weird that security was not outside though. The Colbert studio normally has one or two guys stand by the barricade. Suddenly, the car pulled up to the area behind the barricade.

JGL-joseph-gordon-levitt-Joseph gordon levitt inception gif

There is a service door that is separated from the street by two flights of steep steps. Normally, this door is reserved for deliveries and is where studio staff brings out the trash. There is literally a pile of trash on the sidewalk area below it. I have never seen a guest take this door because of the steps and having to walk close to trash. Guests that don’t sign still normally use the stage door.

Apparently, not Joseph Gordon-Levitt though.

The people waiting notice this and begin walking towards the bottom of the steps. A man comes down that is not Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Then Joseph Gordon-Levitt and security come sprinting down the steps. Joseph Gordon-Levitt runs into the street between parked cars so he does not have to walk near us while security prevents anyone from following him. Joseph Gordon-Levitt then walks into the middle of the road to get into the passenger side of his SUV (It was parked away from the curb in the road rather than the shoulder) which then speeds off.

Wow, the guy risked getting hit by a car to avoid 15 people at least a third of whom were young females who just wanted a photo with him.

Joseph gordon levitt shirtless naked snl gif animated rare

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