Fanboy Fail Fridays! Suddenly Susan Says Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is A Pretentious Douche After He Dismisses Her One On One! Say It’s Ain’t So Joe!

So Suddenly Susan… How do you really feel?

Joseph Gordon Levitt… Personally, I have put him in the Natalie Portman category of “stars” but you know… If you don’t try, you’ll never have success right? Susan is not one to be deterred and she headed out on the mean Los Angeles streets for Joseph Gordon Levitt…

And let’s just say, the word Douche gets said a lot… And Pretentious… And then douche again!

Check out Susan’s full recap below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Joseph Gordon-Levitt – actor… writer … director … douche.

Yes, he’s a complete and pretentious douche. I used to like JGL, a lot. I loved him on 3rd Rock from the Sun and always found him to be a bright and articulate young actor whenever he gave an interview. I was happy he was able to make the transition to adult actor. I absolutely loved 500 Days of Summer and saw video of him signing autographs at the premiere. He seemed genuinely sweet. He asked people’s names, signed their stuff, took photos. I remember thinking, I’m so glad to see he’s one of the nice ones.

joseph gordon levitt shirtless hot animated gif douchebag

Somewhere between that movie and I’m not quite sure, he turned into a self-indulgent prick. He bowed to the waiting fans at the Inception premiere. Yes, bowed! He left two heartbroken teenaged fans in tears when he turned them down for a photo at Sundance. Seriously, it was just the two of them waiting! He ran full speed down the line of waiting fans at the TIFF premiere of Don Jon and gave them all a run by high five! His recent IMDB “takeover” and new Entertainment Weekly cover interview made me throw up in my mouth a few times. Still, I ventured out recently to attempt getting his autograph at a recent talk show appearance.

joseph gordon levitt shirtless hot animated gif douchebag

As you may have read, I have an awesome poster for Hesher, signed by none other than Natalie Miss Impossible to Get Portman.

natalie portman signed autograph hesher promo mini movie poster hot sexy v for vendetta star natalie portman signing autographs for fans fans lined up waiting for Natalie Portman to enter the san diego comic con floor

It also has the young lead actor and director. I’d love to get JGL to finish it off. I try to maintain a positive outlook on these outings. Rather than think, he’s never going to do it, I think, stranger things have happened; or you never know; or remember when so and so did it? So, I kept a positive vibe going and hoped I was wrong about him. I wasn’t.

joseph gordon levitt shirtless hot animated gif douchebag

None sooner than 10 minutes after I arrived, an SUV carrying mister JGL in the back seat pulled into the driveway. Clear as day I can see him through the window. He’s wearing Groucho Marx type glasses. His face is buried in his phone as he’s texting. I thought, oh crap, he’s not going to see me. I hurried along the car, which stopped briefly for a pedestrian and Joseph looks right at me. His eyes skim down to the poster (which is pretty unmistakable – it’s a giant middle finger gesture) and then goes back to texting. My jaw dropped. Seriously? He has 75 minutes before his segment. I’m one person, hoping for one autograph. That’s 10 seconds out of his awesome life and I was brutally rebuffed. What really bugged me is that he ‘dismissed’ me. No fake smile, no feigned, I can’t I’m running late, either of which I would have preferred. But rather, a full-on diss. Screw you JGL! I’m putting you in the “go fuck yourself because I’ll never try for you again” file.

I’m expecting to get blasted by die hard Joe fans. Do your worst. I shant change my mind.

joseph gordon levitt douchebag refuses to sign autographs asshole dick

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