Julianne Moore Goodness! The Kingsmen Star Was Super Nice In A Quick Meet and Greet! Autographed Realness!

This week, Scotty and I headed out on the town to try and meet the iconic and awesome Julianne Moore!

Now, we don’t see her very often here in La La Land and so I was cautiously hopeful that we would be able to get her to sign a couple things.

When we arrived, shockingly we were the only ones at the venue. I was a tad shocked because when the heck does that happen these days? Usually, there’s 15 people out for the background extra from Blossom, or at least that’s how it seems.

So, this was a pleasant surprise.

What we didn’t know is that Julianne Moore was already here, she was having dinner at the restaurant attached to the venue. Doh. This could be good or bad…

So, we waited a bit, caught up, composed our memoirs, wrote a few pop tunes and finally Julianne Moore left with the other people in her party.

She was very nice and stopped to sign one for Scotty, and then she signed my Kingsmen poster and switched to gold for my Big Lebowski Funko Pop.

It was so fast I didn’t even get to take a picture!

But she was very nice and I was happy I got my stuff signed!

Woo to the hoo.

Simple, quick and I’m out the door.

Until next time kids…

Julianne Moore signed autograph big lebowski funko pop maude

Julianne Moore signed autograph kingsmen poster rare promo

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