Fanboy Fail Friday! Just Missing The Pop Princess Katy Perry! Doh! Early Tape Times! And Why I Need To Clone Myself!

It’s Friday! TGIF!

And since its Friday, I get to share my Fanboy Fail Friday! Yay?

It’s actually a combined Billy Beer and MTF fail, since I think we were the only two people to get shut out by the pop princess Katy Perry.

Oh… Sadness…

What happened you may ask? Sigh…

I wasn’t going to go, I just didn’t want to fight with all the people and what I really wanted signed, the new Prism picture disc that came out for Record Store Day, I couldn’t find. I couldn’t get to Record Store Day because I was at Wondercon. I need to clone myself, that’s what I need to do. Oh, the endless possibilities…

katy perry picture disc

Anyway, I get a call from Billy Beer asking me if I was going, I said no, he said, “I’m driving from San Diego, you have to come!” Sigh… So, I grabbed a couple magazines I have for Katy Perry and was about to leave when it dawns on me, I never called the record store a block away from my house! Doh!

So, I call them. Do they have the picture disc? yep.

Here goes nothing. I run down there, buy the picture disc and head to Hollywood. I park, I’m doing okay with time. It only took 10 minutes to grab the record.

However… what I and no one else knew was that this was an early taping apparently. What? I’ve never heard of this! Ugh…

Katy Perry signing autographs jimmy kimmel live 20143

When I get there apparently Katy Perry had been signing for like 9 minutes already! I was like no! I found a spot but she was done in another minute and I was a shut out fanboy.

Katy Perry signing autographs jimmy kimmel live 20143

Katy Perry signing autographs jimmy kimmel live 20143

And it was literally just after 6 p.m.

Billy Beer got there 35 seconds before me and he didn’t get anything either? He did get some photos of the green haired pop goddess… Doh! and a double Doh!

I should have just made up my mind at 4 p.m. and I would have been fine.

Ah well… What can you do right?

Until next time kids…

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