Justified Season 5 Premiere! Ace Grabs His Cowboy Hat And Heads Down! Meeting Timothy Olyphant! Walton Goggins! Natalie Zea! Michael Rappaport! And More!

There are events that you mean to go to, and then… Are glad you didn’t. I love Justified and am sad that it’s going to be ending. When I heard about the premiere I wanted to go, but quite frankly, I hate the venue and thought better of it.

Ace headed down and well… I looked like a madhouse!

Check out his recap and photos below!


What’s up autograph fanatics! Ace here with a recap of the Justified premiere.

Now… I just tried to find it somewhere in my subconscious to speak great things of the entire Justified cast and the premiere itself…

Ready to hear it? One word to describe my experience…


This premiere was so crazy, that I don’t fully comprehend why it happened like this. There were so many levels of craziness I don’t know where to begin.

Justified Season 5 premiere 31

I got there about two hours before the event was supposed to start… It looked like it was going to be a pretty cool event. At that time, there was probably ten people or so. That is nothing for a premiere nowadays!

Time passed, just waiting, talking…  At any time of the night, at most, there were 15-25 people for the premiere. Like I said previously, it may sound like a lot guys but it’s not… It’s almost two rows…

Justified Season 5 premiere 28

Go to Hollywood Boulevard during a premiere… close to the thousands… So, of course, everything is going to go smooth right?


The first problem was there was a lot of room to move around… Now, while this sounds amazing… It just gives people the opportunity to freak out more in a larger amount of space. No one could stay still…

The second problem was all the talent started in weird spots… You are probably wondering… What do you mean weird? Well, lets say there is about 12-15 feet of barricade… The logical thing would be start at one of the corner and move down, working your way towards the entrance of the premiere…. Instead, a lot of the talent worked at the beginning and worked backwards… Where no one was standing! HUH? DOH!

So of COURSE, people are going to run from their spots and head towards the gaps.

While some of the security were super nice to bring the celebs over, you had a few who had a power screw loose screaming at the small gathering of people to stop pushing.  Not to mention, one of the guards told us to stop pushing a woman who jumped in front of our spots, forcing herself in front of the barricade… Great… I waited hours for my spot, but because of her small size, I am crushing her? A woman who jumped in front of us…

The most important problem of all… The cast was avoiding boarded posters… Apparently there was a memo, that if your poster is taped up, or boarded, AVOID them at all cost… They gravitated towards photos of themselves only, and avoided posters…

Now, I am not saying this because I was the only one, but I saw this across the board (no pun intended) with most fans that attended.

May I add, the wind/gusts were going at about five miles per hour… Regardless, of my poster being taped down, I almost lost it within the gust a couple times.

I will try to break it down for you…

Nick Searcy (“Art Mullen”) was the first to arrive… Now, Searcy has always been nice…  He was just tough to get…

Damon Herriman (“Dewey Crowe”) seemed to have got the memo. Literally avoided as many boards as he could… He was right in front of me a couple times, and it was just not going to happen. No matter how many times I asked…  but, maybe everyone has an off day, as he kept saying, “I only like to sign photos of myself”…. It was the poster of the show? Timothy Olyphant is the only one on the cover… Like, really?

Jacob Lofland (“Kendal Crowe”) stood in front of us and didn’t do anything before he decided to go in…

Joelle Carter (“Ava Crowder”) signed as many as she could… I got one…

Justified Season 5 premiere 6

AJ Buckley (“Danny Crowe”) signed as much as he could… jumped around…  I got him on both.

Justified Season 5 premiere 3

Jacob Pitts (“Tim Gutterson”) signed everything… super cool.

Justified Season 5 premiere 12

Erica Tazel (“Rachel Brooks”) signed both of my posters…

Jere Burns (“Wynn Duffy”) signed my two posters… Super nice!

Justified Season 5 premiere 15

Alicia Witt (“Wendy Crowe”) didn’t get her… I don’t even remember her signing but my friend got her so… there you go…

Dave Meunier (“Johnny Crowder”) didn’t get him…

John Kapelos (“Picker”) signed a few, didn’t get him…

Justified Season 5 premiere 10

Karolina Wydra (“Mara”) signed a few, didn’t get her…

Amy Smart  (“Allison Brander”) did not sign…a lot of waves…

Sam Anderson (“Lee Paxton”) got him on both posters… nice to do as many as he could.

Justified Season 5 premiere 11

Natalie Zea (“Winona Hawkins”) super nice and signed everything that she could… I got her on the Following as well.

Justified Season 5 premiere 14

Walton Goggins (“Boyd Crowder”) is always awesome… I handed him my pen and he signed everyone’s stuff but not mine… He kept moving down and I told him he hadn’t got me but he took my pen… About 30 seconds later, I think it clicked, because he came back and signed both of my posters and said sorry for that… He asked if he could keep using it, and he ran with it. Super cool…

Justified Season 5 premiere 18

Timothy Olyphant (“Raylan Givens”) first off wow… He seemed so disheveled with a smile… He skipped so many people… Maybe signed a total of 20 autographs… A lot of people didn’t get him… and I mean A LOT.

Justified Season 5 premiere 23

And Last but Not Least… Michael Rappaport (Daryl Crowe Jr.) the best signer at the premiere… WINNER… WINNER… May he be placed in the title of the article of the best signer of the night…HALL OF FAME worthy. Made sure that every person got an autograph that wanted one… He even said “I am gonna make sure I sign all your stuff so you guys know I was the only one that did.” Guess what? Took him less than five minutes, everyone was calm… it wasn’t crazy… He started at one end, and worked his way down… Amazing! CLASS act! Signed my two Justified posters and my Prison Break poster.

Justified Season 5 premiere 27

It takes a lot less time and effort on the celebrity’s part, and of the fans part if they are just cool and stay calm… He is a perfect example of that.

Well, that’s my recap guys… Thanks for listening…

While I want to say everything was amazing, and the entire cast was just peachy… Some were not… I know this won’t be a favorite, but I am speaking from the experience of my group…

Justified Season 5 premiere 32

Justified Season 5 premiere 33

Now, remember, there is always a graphing opportunity out there… You just have to find it.

Until Next time,

Ace, the Autograph Addict

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Check out the photos below!

Justified Season 5 premiere 2

Justified Season 5 premiere 5

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Justified Season 5 premiere 16

Justified Season 5 premiere 17

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Justified Season 5 premiere 22

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Justified Season 5 premiere 26

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